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Costa del Sol’s Helicopteros Sanitarios carries out Covid-19 tests to the state security forces and bodies

Today (April 14), in particular, to the local police facilities in Marbella.

Helicopteros Sanitarios wants to show its appreciation to all those who, in such difficult moments, leave their homes every day to work in the streets. That is why tests are being carried out not only on the elderly in the residences of Marbella, but also on the state security forces and bodies, the workers of the street cleaning service, the garbage collection service, and all those who work full time in the streets.

María José Cañete, President of Helicopteros Sanitarios, the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz and the team of volunteers from Helicopteros Sanitarios are currently at the premises of the Local Police, carrying out tests on all the local police officers.

Marbella is proud to have the entire team of Helicopteros Sanitarios volunteers, who on their days off are giving their all for this humanitarian work.