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When to contact doctor about sunburn - Home doctor service for sunburn in Sotogrande

home doctor service for sunburn in Sotogrande

Despite the best efforts of shielding yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, you have undoubtedly endured at least one sunburn throughout your lifetime. And though you realize that excessive sun exposure isn't safe, do you know a burn goes beyond a normal sunburn? In this article we talk about sunburn and when to call our home doctor service for sunburn in Sotogrande.


About sunburn

Sunburn is the skin 's response to UV light. It can be slow to develop, revealing itself only after the damage has been done. Once you notice sunburn, you should immediately look for shade or go indoors to avoid further damage.

 Painful redness, peeling and blisters are signs that your burns are significant and you will need a cold shower, moisturizers, cool compress, and over-the-counter pain relievers to help to lessen the pain. To avoid dehydration you will need to drink extra water. Pain should subside in a week's time.

When to call our home doctor service for sunburn in Sotogrande

Consider consulting our home doctor service for sunburn in Sotogrande if you exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • The sunburn is accompanied by blisters covering your body by more than 20 per cent. Your doctor can assess your burns to determine if further treatment is warranted. Treatment may involve inflammatory medication or medicated cream to help recovery.
  • The sunburn comes with nausea, a high fever, or chills. These might be signs of sun poisoning, requiring IV fluids to treat severe dehydration or medication to alleviate pain.
  • Your skin displays symptoms of infection that develop yellow or red over time, such as swelling or blood, or blisters. Avoid peeling your skin as this can expose the new skin to germs underneath and cause an infection that may require antibiotics.


Our home doctor service for sunburn in Sotogrande can provide you with additional resources for a smooth recovery. Know that while you would not get skin cancer from one sunburn, increased sun exposure over time may raise the risk. Be sure to slather on the sunscreen and stick to shade in midday when the sun rays are strongest.