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Helicopteros Sanitarios teaches 160 students how to react to an earthquake situation

Over 160 students of the “Fuente Nueva de San Pedro de Alcántara Public School” learnt how to act before a massive earthquake. We can all remember the images of the Lorca earthquake. Psychological affects are numerous and can affect people long after the disaster has occurred. To help prevent this, the School of Psychologists in Malaga held, in collaboration with Helicopteros Sanitarios, a simulation of a natural disaster on the 9th of April, 2012.

The simulation was intended to implement the techniques which should be adopted by schools and students between the age of 6 and 11 when confronted with an earthquake of great magnitude. Security measures were put into practise to evacuate schools quickly and safely, and also giving them the know-how when confronted with minor and serious injuries.

Helicopteros Sanitarios was entrusted the training of 160 boys and girls, giving them sanitary guidelines. During the simulation 13 brain trauma patients, broken bones and even a heart attack patient were attended to in collaboration with an ICU Ambulance.

The Councillor of Education and Culture Ms. Mari Carmen Garcia also participated in the act.