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Effects of tobacco

Effects of tobacco

Smoking tobacco is one of the most preventable causes or early death in the world, with more than 6 million deaths per year resulting from tobacco usage. The effects of tobacco on our health and wellbeing can be huge - so it's important to fully understand what these are and how they affect us.

Smoking tobacco can lead to an exposure to more than 7000 toxins, including at least 70 which are known to cause damage to nearly every organ system in our bodies. No matter how it is ingested or smoked, the effects of tobacco can be devastating. It's important to remember that it's not just your lungs that are affected - it can be your whole body. Here are some of the ongoing complications and effects of tobacco that can affect different elements of your body.

Effects of tobacco on your mood

While the initial hit of nicotine that comes from smoking tobacco can help lift your mood and reduce stress, the long-term effects of tobacco are far from positive. The temporary lift in mood can lead to a dependence on tobacco and nicotine which in turn can lead to anxiety and feelings of irritability or being on edge if the craving for nicotine is not met. This can make it very difficult to stop smoking tobacco once you've started, so your best bet is just to not start at all.

Effects of tobacco on your vision

One of the lesser-known risks of tobacco is the increased risk of various eye diseases and conditions. The smoke produced by smoking tobacco can have a serious impact on the health of your eyes and can lead to the development of glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. All of these will cause visual impairments and if not treated could lead to blindness.

Effects of tobacco on your respiratory system

The most well-known risks associated with tobacco are those posed to the lungs and respiratory system. One of the biggest dangers of smoking tobacco is not only the risk it poses to the smoker, but the damage it can cause to those around you. Breathing in the smoke from someone else's habit - known as second-hand smoking - can increase the risk of bronchitis and other serious respiratory conditions. It can also be a trigger for those suffering from asthma, which could lead to asthma attacks.
The most common cause of death as a result of smoking tobacco is lung cancer. In fact, lung cancer has one of the highest rates of cancer deaths in both men and women. Tobacco can also cause more minor injuries to your respiratory system such as damage to the lining of your throat which can lead to a persistent, rattling cough.

Other effects of tobacco

Tobacco can also have a number of other effects, such as:
- damaging your teeth
- a lingering smell that clings to clothing and hair
- loss of appetite as your senses become decreased, making food less enjoyable
- wrinkly and dry skin and premature ageing
- a lower immune system ability so that it has less ability to fight off infection
- heart disease
- yellow staining of the skin around the mouth and fingertips.

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