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What is a hamstring injury?

Treatment for Hamstring injury in Costa del Sol

Hamstring injuries are typically caused by a rapid acceleration in activities when you're running or you're about to start running. If you have a sudden and sharp pain in the back of a thigh, you might need to get treatment. Find out more about hamstring injuries and when you should call our home GP service to get treatment for hamstring injury in Costa del Sol.


What is hamstring injury?

A hamstring injury typically occurs when you strain or your pull one of your hamstring muscles. These are a group of three muscles that run along the back of the thigh.

It is likely you will have a hamstring injury if you play basketball, football, soccer, or tennis. You might also injure yourself if you participate in a sport that involves you sprinting and making sudden stops and starts. Hamstring injuries can affect runners as well as dancers.

There are some self-care measures that you can use such as rest, ice and some over-the-counter pain medications. This might be all you need to relieve any pain and swelling. In some cases, surgery might be needed to repair your hamstring or tendon.

Symptoms of hamstring injury

A hamstring injury can cause a sudden, or a sharp pain located in the back of your thigh. You could also feel a tearing or popping sensation. Swelling and tenderness might also develop within 1-2 hours. You might also have some bruising or some discolouration. In addition to this, you could have muscle weakness or you might not be able to put any weight on your injured leg.

Treatment for Hamstring injury in Costa del Sol

The first goal of any treatment for a hamstring injury in Costa del Sol is to reduce the pain and swelling. Our Home GP doctor may recommend you do the following:

  • Avoid any strenuous activities so your injury can heal
  • Rest the injured leg and elevate it above the heart if you can. This is to minimize swelling and improve drainage
  • Take pain medication to reduce the pain and any inflammation
  • Use crutches or a cane so you avoid putting weight on your leg
  • Use an ice pack at least a few times each day to reduce the swelling and relieve pain
  • Wrap the area with a compression bandage or wear some compression shorts to help minimize the swelling
    Physical therapy
  • After the initial pain and swelling of a hamstring injury have subsided, your doctor or your physical therapist could show you a few exercises that can help to improve your flexibility and help to strengthen your hamstring muscles


If your muscle has come away from your pelvis or shin bone, an orthopedic surgeon could reattach it. If you have a severe muscle tear, it can also be repaired.

When to call our home GP service to get treatment for hamstring injury in Costa del Sol

Mild hamstring strains can be treated at home. However, you should call our home GP service if you can't put any weight on your injured leg or you can't walk more than 3 to 4 steps without experiencing significant pain.