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you aren't able to leave your home

Dear members,

I sincerely wish that you are well these days in which you aren't able to leave your home.
As we mentioned in previous communications, it is very important to stay positive. This situation will pass and we will return to enjoy this paradise we live in.

We are pleased to inform you that we are still performing the coronavirus PCR tests and that 8% were positive. The good news is that the patients are improving, they are at home and our doctors are following their progress and treatment on a daily basis.
The other pathologies ─ cardiac, traumatological, digestive, urological, traumatological, common diseases, etc.─ are being treated as always.

We have set up a telemedicine service for those patients who wish to have a telematic consultation. It is as simple as calling our phone number 952 81 67 67 and requesting a telematic consultation. Afterwards, we will organize a call with you, adapting to the most convenient or simple ways for you to see our doctors by telephone or computer.
If you need an analysis we can do it at home.
If you need a scan, X-ray, mammography, CT scan etc, we offer a service that will pick you up at your home to take you to our hospital and perform the tests.
Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital has no coronavirus patients admitted, so we are considered a clean hospital.
Our health teams are equipped with all the security measures and equipment, taking care of the disinfection and cleaning in each assistance we provide.

We attend each and every one of the assistances that are requested.
Our teams are absolutely devoted, putting their heart and soul more than ever because we know how you feel these days, where fear is also our enemy.
I have no doubt that our guardian angels are with us every day because we are taking care of our patients with all our love.
We are here and we will always be here, you can rest assured.
Have a nice day.

With all my love,

Maria Jose Cañete
President of Helicopteros Sanitarios