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How do I know if I need stitches - Stitches from home GP in Sotogrande

Stitches from home GP in Sotogrande

Scrapes and cuts are bound to happen, no matter how vigilant we may be. Often it can be hard to know when stitches are required for an injury and when it can just be bandaged at home. In here we explain how to know if you need stitches and when to get stitches from home GP in Sotogrande.


What are stitches exactly?

Stitches are made from lots of different materials - such as nylon or silk - and they are basically like those they use for clothes. Instead of clothes it holds the skin together to help cicatrisation. A doctor will need to take the stitches out, although some, like the ones used for mouth injuries, dissolve on their own.

Stitches are important because they:

  • Gives strength while your skin closes up
  • Reduces your risk of bleeding or infection
  • Minimizes scars


How do you know if you need stitches?

There are a lot of signs that you need stitches from home GP in Sotogrande. It will depend on many factors, from the size of the wound to its location.

How big is it? 

You’ll want to see a doctor if the wound:

  • Looks very deep. That goes also for wounds that are not especially long or wide
  • A wider than 1⁄2 inch
  • Opens so wide that you can’t get the edges together
  • Has ragged edges
  • Has debris in it such as dirt, glass, or gravel


How badly is it bleeding?

 You’ll likely need stitches if the wound:

  • Bleeds enough to soak through a bandage
  • Keep bleeding for 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes after applying strong pressure
  • Spurts blood


What caused it? 

You may require a tetanus injection on certain cuts, as well as stitches. Tetanus is one of the standard shots for children. Adults need a booster every 10 years.

Seek immediate medical help if:

  • The wound is from an animal or human bite
  • The wound is from a dirty or rusty object
  • The wound is from a pointed object that might have driven deep into the skin, such as a nail


Stitches from home GP in Sotogrande

If you have the signs described above and think you may need stitches call our home GP now.