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Using our Repatriation Service in Marbella

Repatriation Service in Marbella

Our repatriation service in Marbella is available outside of our standard membership scheme and allows patients to be transported back to their home country to be treated or cared for. The service is generally used by patients with a terminal illness who find travel by mainstream travel providers difficult. 

With our repatriation service, patients can request repatriation and treatment anywhere in Spain, Europe or any corner of the world. It means they can receive the care they need to make them comfortable in their home country. 

When you contact our repatriation service and request to be moved to another country or another location in Spain, you'll be accompanied by a specialised medical team who'll administer life support and resuscitation when needed throughout the trip. You'll receive a high level of care right from the moment we depart from your home or hospital right up to the point we reach your desired destination, whether that be your home, a hospice or hospital. 

We have a vast amount of experience in transporting patients to their home country so that they can die in a chosen location. In the past, we've coordinated transfers to Madrid, Barcelona, Moscow, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Morocco, Portugal, Shanghai, Turin and Switzerland. 


We aim to make your final moments as comfortable as possible, which is why we'll so do everything we can to organise a seamless transfer. We'll arrange all the travel and financial details so that you can have a worry-free and restful flight. Not only that, but you'll be transferred in one of our top of the range helicopters or one of our private jets, so we'll get you to where you're going as quickly as possible. 

International repatriation of the deceased

Sometimes, the worst happens, and patients die outside of their home country. If someone close to you has died abroad, our repatriation service in Marbella can help you bring them home for the funeral - wherever home is for you. 

We'll provide professional and compassionate service to ensure you're loved one gets home with as little stress and hassle as possible. Our international team have years of experience helping families over the stress of getting their deceased loved ones home. All we need from you is a call to arrange the repatriation. We won't need any form of payment until the service has been completed. 


If you're suffering from a terminal illness and want to die at home, or if you have a loved one who's died abroad, get in touch with our highly experienced team about our repatriation service in Marbella. We'll make sure the repatriation goes as smoothly as possible to reduce any extra stress or sadness.