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What is the Personalised Care From Our GP Home Doctor Service in the Costa del Sol?

GP home doctor service in the Costa del Sol

We've spoken before about why our GP home doctor service in the Costa del Sol believes that personalized care is so important, but what exactly is it? Personalized care aims to identify what is most important to a patient in order to achieve the desired outcomes from their care and treatment. For care to be personalized, it should be designed and coordinated to incorporate your individual needs so that you receive the care you need, the way you want it.

Care Planning

A great example of how our GP home doctor service in the Costa del Sol use care planning to develop personalized care is how we work with patients suffering from arthritis. Patients with osteoarthritis (and other long-term or chronic illnesses) often benefit from careful planning and individualized care. By developing an in-depth and personalized care plan, we can help patients manage their pain and fluctuating symptoms.

Developing a care plan requires collaborative conversations between you and our GPs, taking into account your goals and the actions that can be taken so that you reach those goals.

By developing a personalized care plan, we help to improve the quality of life and treatment of patients with long-term and chronic illnesses, who require regular medical assistance.

Giving Patients More Control

Providing personalized care means that our patients have both choice and control over the way their care is planned and carried out. It means that their plans are devised based on what matters to them and factors in their current circumstances and strengths.

Working closely with the expertise of our GP home doctor service in Puerto Banus, you can devise personalized treatment plan that makes the most of your family, friends and community support available to you to achieve healthier outcomes and improve your treatment experience.

A New Type of Patient / GP Relationship

We pride ourselves on delivering friendly and caring treatment - and personalized care allows us to do exactly that. By working closely with our GPs you will notice a shift in the power and decision making process involved in your care. Patients say that with personalized care they feel as though their thoughts, feelings and needs are being carefully considered and listened to. This often creates a stronger relationship between doctors and patients and means that patients feel valued and respected. As such, they are more likely to notice a positive outcome from their treatment.


Personalized care also helps to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients, thanks to their feeling of control and the influence they have over their treatment. It also helps our GP home doctor service in the Costa del Sol work more as we can check your care plan and see what needs to be done whenever you call us out. It's a benefit to both you and us, and that's why we feel it's so important to incorporate personalized care into all our visits.  

If you would like to know more about personalized care and our GP home doctor service in the Costa del Sol , get in touch today. You can also read more on our website.