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marbella home doctor service

When Bethan visited Spain on a family holiday recently, the last thing she expected was that she'd need medical help. But after her daughter was involved in a small accident and hurt herself, Bethan called on our Marbella home doctor service to help.

Just as we would with our members, we sent a team from our home doctor service to Bethan and her family to check the little girl was okay and provide any first aid treatment that may have been needed.

Bethan said that the team from our home doctor service were 'fabulous' which is always great to hear. She also said that our excellent English and fast and efficient care was great and really helped her out in what was naturally a very stressful situation.

Because Bethan made the called to us, our home doctor service was able to get out to her and her daughter as soon as possible and make sure everyone was okay. And, what's more, Bethan has decided to join the Helicopteros Sanitarios family as a result of the great care her daughter received!

"Thank you so much! Will be signing up today" Bethan.