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How to treat piles- Home GP support for piles in Sotogrande

Home GP support for piles in Sotogrande

Although several people suffer from piles, its symptoms are not always evident. Hemorrhoids are usually simple to treat and there are high chances that they will disappear on their own. They will normally go away within a few weeks, but they might cause mild to severe discomfort. A hemorrhoid might create complications in very rare circumstances. Keep reading to learn more about how to treat piles and when to contact our Home GP support for piles in Sotogrande. 


What are piles?

Hemorrhoids are sometimes also known as piles. Piles are swollen veins in the rectum and anus. Some of the general symptoms include  rectal bleeding, itching and pain. Piles contain muscle, blood vessels, elastic fibers and support tissue. They come in several sizes and can be either internal or external.Internal piles are the most popular form and are usually found between two and four centimeters, located above the anus opening.  External piles appear on the anus's outside edge.

In order to get a proper diagnosis, you should contact our Home GP support for piles in Sotogrande. 


How to treat piles?

As mentioned above, the majority of the time, piles disappear on their own and don't require treatment. Some habits, on the other hand, can dramatically decrease the discomfort and itching associated with piles in many people.

Lifestyle changes

A diet change could help keep stools regular and soft. This can be done by consuming more fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables and fruits, or by focusing on bran-based breakfast cereals. A doctor may also suggest that someone who suffers from piles should drink more water. Caffeine should be avoided at all costs.

Warm bath with Epsom salt

Just by simply taking a warm bath, you can help relieve hemorrhoids' inflammation. According to Harvard Health, the most effective method is to take a warm bath for 20 minutes after each bowel movement. By adding Epsom salts to the bath, you can get even more pain alleviation.

Soothing wipes

If you use toilet tissue just after bowel movement, it might worsen the hemorrhoids that are already present. Wipes may help you stay clean without aggravating your skin. Wipes containing anti-hemorrhoid and soothing components like aloe vera or witch hazel can give you an extra kick. Make sure the wipes you buy don't contain any irritants, perfume or alcohol. These substances may increase rather than alleviate your symptoms.

However, if these home remedies don't work for you, then you should contact our Home GP support for piles in Sotogrande.


Other habits that could help with piles are:

  • have a warm bath in order to ease pain and itching
  • limit the consumption of caffeine and alcohol (such as coca cola, coffee and tea) to avoid constipation
  • use damp toilet paper when you wipe your bottom.
  • if piles hurt, take painkillers
  • keep your bottom dry and clean
  • exercise regularly

When to get in contact with our Home GP support for piles in Sotogrande 

If you suffer from piles and: you're bleeding constantly and there is lots of blood – as an example, you notice big blood clots and you're in severe pain or the toilet water becomes red, you should definitely contact our Home GP support for piles in Sotogrande.