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What does my rash mean? - Home GP for skin rashes in Fuengirola

Home GP for skin rashes in Fuengirola

Some rashes need no treatment and will heal up on their own, while others may be treated at home and others may be a symptom of something more severe. If you have a rash this article will help you know the possible cause and when to contact our home GP for skin rashes in Fuengirola.


A rash is described as a broad eruption of skin lesions that appears on the skin's surface and that encompasses a wide range of conditions. Rashes may have a wide range of appearances, and there are a plethora of possible causes. In addition to the diversity, there is also a broad range of treatment options available.

A rash may be restricted to a single small region of the body or it can spread across a vast area of the body.

Rashes may manifest themselves in a variety of ways, with the most frequent causes being contact dermatitis, body infections, and allergic responses to medications. These lesions may be uncomfortable, itch, and even change color depending on whether they are dry or wet. They can also be rough, smooth, cracked, or blistering.


Common causes

There are a variety of possible reasons for rashes, including allergies, illnesses, allergic reactions, and medicines, among other things. Illnesses such as fungal, bacterial, parasitic, or viral infections may also cause them.

Autoimmune conditions

In those with an autoimmune disease, the immune system starts to target and destroy normal, healthy tissue. The term "autoimmune disease" refers to a range of disorders, some of which show themselves as rashes. A chronic inflammatory illness like lupus, for example, causes inflammation throughout the body and may damage any organ or system, including the skin. Butterfly rash appears on the face as a result.


It is possible that some medicines may produce rashes in certain individuals; this might be due to an allergic response or a side effect. Photosensitivity is also a side effect of certain medicines, particularly some antibiotics, which means that they make the person more sensitive to sunshine. The photosensitivity response seems to be comparable to sunburn in appearance.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a condition in which rashes may develop after coming into contact with anything. Contact dermatitis is one of the most common causes of skin eruptions and is one of the most difficult to treat. Skin that gets red and itchy, as well as a rash that is weepy and oozy, are all signs of this condition.

The following are examples of common causes:

  • colors in clothing, cosmetics, and other items
  • compounds such as latex or rubber
  • toxic plants such as poison ivy and sumac


The development of a rash may also be caused by an infection with bacteria, viruses, or fungi. The look of these rashes may vary depending on the kind of disease that has been contracted. Candidasis, a common fungal infection, presents itself as an itchy rash that develops mostly in skin folds.

If you think you have an infection, you should call our home GP for skin rashes in Fuengirola right away.



Home GP for skin rashes in Fuengirola

The following symptoms should be reported if a rash appears along with them to our home GP for skin rashes in Fuengirola:

  • joint pain
  • if you have recently been bitten by an animal or an insect
  • a sore throat
  • sensitive areas around the rash
  • red streaks near the rash
  • the accumulation of pus on a large scale

Even though the majority of rashes are not a significant source of worry, anybody who has any of the following symptoms should call our home GP for skin rashes in Fuengirola immediately:

  • a rapid change in the color of the skin 
  • trouble breathing or the sensation that the throat is shutting
  • increasing pain or severe pain
  • high fever confusion
  • disorientation
  • facial swelling
  • edema of the extremities
  • nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea on a regular basis 
  • severe neck and head pain