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Restless leg syndrome - Home GP for restless leg syndrome in Costa del Sol

Home GP for restless leg syndrome in Costa del Sol

Based on the amount and severity of the symptoms, how much the symptoms can be alleviated by trying different movements, and how much discomfort they trigger, restless legs syndrome can be categorized as mild or extreme. At any point throughout their lives, it influences up to 1 in 10 individuals. Here you have what you need to learn about the condition and when to call our home GP for restless leg syndrome in Costa del Sol.

Is it restless leg syndrome?

When an individual is standing in a confined space, like in a cinema or in a plane seat, some symptoms may manifest. It is possible that the person might feel exhausted during the day due to the trouble of falling asleep and staying asleep that RLS causes. This can have an effect on activities and tasks such as learning, jobs, focus, and habits. Ultimately, sleep deprivation can lead to mood changes, depression, irritability, an impaired immune system, and other health and physical issues.


What does it feel like?

Especially in the legs, and often the arms, an individual suffering RLS has a peculiar and uncomfortable feeling as well as an overwhelming impulse to move them. These feelings have been defined by people as: 

  • similar to electric shocks
  • crawling
  • Itching
  • burning
  • tugging
  • aching
  • tingling
  • creeping

Lifting the legs seems to be the only way to reduce the distress. When the person is sleeping or idle, the stimuli appear to occur, and not just during the nighttime. In the afternoon and at night, signs sometimes intensify and can be eased for a brief time the next morning. If you think you are having the symptoms described above, call our home GP for restless leg syndrome in Costa del Sol.

How long will restless legs syndrome last?

Side effects of primary or idiopathic RLS normally intensify with time, although in some cases, it can pass with no effects within days and weeks. If the RLS results from a disorder, disease, pregnancy, or medication, as soon as the cause disappears, it may be gone.


When to call our home GP for restless leg syndrome in Costa del Sol

Call our home GP for restless leg syndrome in the Costa del Sol if you experience signs of RLS. They might send you to visit a specialized doctor who specializes in issues involving the nervous system (neurologist) or a sleep specialist after an initial examination. 


What you can do

  • Document the symptoms down, such as when they began and when they usually happen. 
  • Jot down important medical facts, along with any illnesses you suffer and any drugs you are taking, including vitamin supplements, that are prescribed or over-the-counter. Note also if in your relatives there is a background of RLS. 
  • Come with a member or friend of the family. Someone accompanying you can recall details that you have overlooked or forgotten. 
  • List down concerns for your doctor to ask him.