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Best way to manage pet allergies - Home GP for pet allergies in Fuengirola

Home GP for pet allergies in Fuengirola

Millions of individuals want to share their homes and life with pets, including those with pet allergies. Sadly, some people think that once they receive a pet allergy diagnosis, they have to remove their dogs from their household. But there are several options available that will also allow an allergy sufferer to maintain their beloved pets while properly controlling their allergies. Here are some tips on how to manage pet allergies at home and when to call our home GP for pet allergies in Fuengirola.

Reduce the allergens and your symptoms

There are a number of techniques to decrease allergens and allergy symptoms indoors if your pet's allergy is not life-threatening. Here are 5 tips:

Create a "allergy-free" zone

Establish an "allergy-free" zone in your house, preferably in the allergic person's bedroom, and strongly restrict the pet from entering it.

Use HEPA air cleaners 

Use HEPA air cleaners throughout the rest of the house, and prevent dust-and dander-attracting furniture like fabric curtains and blinds, as well as carpeted flooring. Wash items such as sofa coverings and cushions, drapes, and pet beds regularly to eliminate dust and dander.

Bathe your pet on a weekly basis 

This will help to minimize the amount of allergen-causing dander in the environment (shed old skin cells). Cats can become used to bathing, but it is essential to use only items designated for them; kittens may require a shampoo suitable for kittens. Test the guidelines regarding safe washing with your veterinarian's staff or a good pet care book. It is better if you use a shampoo that your vet or other expert animal care provider recommends.


Make sure your allergy is due to your pet

If you aren’t sure your allergy is due to your pet, contact our home GP for pet allergies in Fuengirola so that s/he can refer you to our allergist. Our allergist will specifically test for allergies to pet dander. Many people with allergies are susceptible to several allergens. Decrease the total levels of allergens in your surroundings, not just the pet allergy.

Try treatments

Additional therapies are immunotherapy (allergy injections), nasal sprays and antihistamine pills. Make sure to contact our home GP for pet allergies in Fuengirola before taking any medication. 

When to call our home GP for pet allergies in Fuengirola

You should call our home GP for pet allergies in Fuengirola if your allergies are causing symptoms such as nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, or chronic sinus infections. Get help from our allergist at Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital if you experience hay fever or other allergy symptoms several months out of the year.








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