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Why do I have a persistent sore throat? - Home GP doctor for persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol

Home GP doctor for persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol

A persistent sore throat may be caused by a range of diseases, including a handful of potentially dangerous infections, which is why it's critical to determine the source of the problem as soon as possible once it occurs. Here is a list of conditions and when to call our home GP doctor for a persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol.


Causes of a persistent sore throat

A variety of conditions, including the following, may cause a chronic sore throat:


Mononucleosis (or mono) is caused by an Epstein-Barr virus infection (EBV). While mono may persist up to two months, it is usually moderate and requires no therapy. Symptoms of mononucleosis include:

  • swollen tonsils
  • swollen glands (neck and armpits)
  • fever
  • sore throat
  • fatigue
  • night sweats
  • headache
  • muscle weakness

A person with mononucleosis may have a painful throat throughout the course of the illness. If you think you have mononucleosis, call our home GP doctor for a persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol.


If you have a persistent painful throat with no relief, you may have tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is most often seen in youngsters, although it may affect anybody. Tonsillitis may be bacterial or viral.

Tonsillitis may recur (occur more than once per year) and needs antibiotic therapy. Tonsillitis symptoms vary depending on the kind and include:

  • swallowing problem or discomfort
  • a rough or hoarse voice
  • a bad sore throat
  • neck ache
  • tenderness in the jaw and neck from enlarged lymph nodes
  • red and swollen tonsils
  • white or yellow dots on tonsils
  • headaches
  • fever
  • foul breath
  • chills

If you think you have tonsilitis, call our home GP doctor for a persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol.

Tonsil abscess

A peritonsillar abscess is a harmful bacterial infection that causes a persistent painful throat. It can happen if tonsillitis isn't appropriately treated. When infection spreads from the tonsil to the surrounding tissue, a pus-filled pocket occurs.

The abscess may be visible at the back of your throat, but it may be buried behind one of your tonsils. Symptoms are comparable to tonsillitis, but more severe. They are:

  • swollen, painful, tender,glands in the throat and jaw
  • sore throat (usually worse on one side)
  • ear discomfort on the side of the sore throat
  • difficulty opening the mouth fully
  • infection in one or both tonsils
  • swallowing difficulties
  • difficulty swallowing saliva (drooling)
  • swelling of the neck or face
  • difficulty turning the head from side to side
  • difficulty tilting the head up
  • difficulty tilting the head down (moving the chin to the chest)
  • voice that is muffled
  • headache
  • bad breath
  • fever or chills

If you think you have tonsil abscess, call our home GP doctor for a persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol.


Gonorrhea is a STI caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Unprotected oral intercourse may cause a gonorrhea infection in the throat. When gonorrhea affects the throat, it usually causes a red, persistent painful throat
Postnasal drip
Postnasal drip occurs when extra mucus from the sinuses leaks into the throat. This might cause a scratchy, chapped throat. Other causes of postnasal drip include allergies, a crooked septum, and dry air.

Besides aching throat, postnasal drip symptoms include:

  • bad breath
  • no fever
  • nocturnal coughing
  • a constant urge to swallow or clean your throat
  • nausea from extra mucus in the stomach

If you think you have postnasal drip, call our home GP doctor for a persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol.

Mouth breathing

Chronic mouth breathing, especially when sleeping, may cause recurrent sore throats. It usually occurs first thing in the morning, and the discomfort is eased by drinking.

Nighttime mouth breathing symptoms include:

  • dry or scratchy or  throat
  • dry mouth
  • waking up tired and irritable
  • hoarseness
  • dark circles under your eyes
  • bad breath
  • brain fog

Most of the time, mouth breathing is caused by a nasal blockage that hinders adequate nasal breathing. An enlarged adenoids or tonsils may cause nasal congestion.


An allergy occurs when your immune system overreacts to typically innocuous substances. Allergens are these compounds.

Food, pet dander, dust, plants, and pollen are common allergies. A prolonged sore throat is more likely if you have allergies to substances you inhale (dust, pollen, mold, synthetic fragrances, and so forth).

Symptoms of various forms of airborne allergies include:

  • sneezing
  • runny nose
  • coughing
  • watery eyes
  • itchy eyes

Sore throat from allergies is most often related to postnasal drip from a runny nose and swollen sinuses.

Acid reflux

Acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) weakens and cannot seal securely. And then back up into the esophagus. Acid reflux may cause a sore throat. Symptoms that occur everyday may create pain.

Stomach acid may damage the lining of the esophagus and throat over time.

Acid reflux symptoms include:

  • heartburn
  • sore throat
  • sour taste in your mouth
  • regurgitation
  • trouble swallowing
  • discomfort and burning in the upper middle stomach area

Environmental pollution

Smog, a conglomeration of airborne contaminants, may cause a chronic sore throat in those who live in urban areas. Smog, especially on hot days, is hazardous. Smog inhalation may cause:

  • coughing
  • worsening of asthma symptoms
  • difficulty breathing
  • chest irritation
  • lung damage
  • smoking
  • smoking and secondhand smoke may aggravate bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory conditions.

Toxins in cigarette smoke cause sore throats in moderate instances. But smoking increases the chance of throat cancer, which causes pain.

When to call our home GP doctor for a persistent sore throat in Costa del Sol

If you have a persistent sore throat that lasts more than two days, you should call our home GP doctor in Costa del Sol for an evaluation. The causes of a sore throat are readily identified, and most of them are also quickly treated. However, if you suffer any of the following symptoms, visit a doctor or seek emergency care immediately.

  • severe pain that impairs sleeping, eating, or talking.
  • high fever over 38˚C
  • severe, intense pain on one side of your throat, along with swollen glands
  • trouble turning your head