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Advice from our Home GP Doctor for Palpitations in Manilva

Home GP Doctor for palpitations in Manilva

Heart palpitations feel as if your heart is pounding or your pulse is racing. It might also feel like your heart has skipped a beat. No matter what it is you are feeling, you will need to seek medical help. However, there are also some home remedies our  home GP doctor for palpitations in Manilva advices that you might like to try in the meantime.


What are Palpitations?

Palpitations are sensations that you feel in your chest. They can feel as if your heart is pounding or beating very quickly. You might also be able to feel them in your neck, chest, or throat.

Palpitations are often triggered by dehydrated, low blood sugar levels, some medications, exercise, and even caffeine. In some cases, palpitations can stem from conditions such as anaemia, heartbeat failure, thyroid issues, and problems with heart rhythm.

The good news is that palpitations are not usually caused by a medical issue. They can be perfectly harmless and relatively easy to resolve.


How to Control Heart Palpitations at Home

These tips from our home GP doctor for palpitations in Manilva could help you to reduce and even eliminate your palpitations:


If you are stressed you could make your palpitations worse, this is because excitement along with stress causes your adrenaline levels to spike. The good news is you can manage your stress levels by doing the following:

  • Deep breathing
  • Exercises
  • Going outside
  • Keeping a journal
  • Meditation
  • Using guided imagery
  • Yoga

Drinking water

If you don't drink enough water you could have palpitations. This is because your blood could thicken and cause your heart to work harder. It's this that can lead to palpitations.

If you think you're dehydrated and you have a few palpitations make sure you have a glass of water. If your urine is darker, continue to drink fluids. 

Balancing your electrolytes

Electrolytes help to transfer electrical signals around your body. These signals help your heart to regulate the rate at which it beats.

Our home GP doctor for palpitations in Manilva advices to boost and balance your electrolytes by eating avocados, bananas, and spinach as they are full of potassium. Fish, nuts and leafy green vegetables are full of calcium and magnesium which can improve your magnesium levels.

Stay away from stimulants

If you are experiencing palpitations you should stay away from stimulants. This is anything that contains caffeine or drugs that keep you awake or alert. If you can remove stimulants from your day, you could find that your palpitations slow down or stop completely.


When to call our Home GP Doctor for Palpitations in Manilva

There's usually very little risk of you experiencing complications associated with palpitations. However, they could be caused by a heart condition, this is the case if you:

 Faint when your blood pressure drops

  • Have a stroke
  • Have heart failure
  • Have a cardiac arrest


Call our home GP doctor for palpitations in Manilva if you have palpitations or if you are concerned about your health.