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What's a greenstick fracture — Home emergency for a greenstick fracture in Manilva

Home emergency for a greenstick fracture in Manilva

A greenstick fracture is when a bone bends and breaks without separating. It's called "green" because it resembles a broken "green" branch. Another name for this type of break is "partial fracture." Keep reading to know more and when to spot it so that you can call our home emergency in Manilva immediately.

What's a greenstick fracture?

A greenstick fracture is characterised by the bending and cracking of a bone rather than the bone's complete disintegration into its component parts. The fracture looks very much like what would happen if you tried to break a thin branch off of a tree that was still "green."

The vast majority of greenstick fractures are found in children who are under the age of ten. Children are more likely to suffer from this type of broken bone than adults are because the bones of children are both softer and more flexible than the bones of adults.

Cast immobilisation is the standard treatment for even relatively minor greenstick fractures. A cast can serve multiple purposes: it can help hold the fractured pieces of the bone together so they can heal, it can help prevent the bone from breaking completely through in the event that the child falls on it again, and it can help protect the bone from further damage.

What are the symptoms of a greenstick fracture?

The symptoms of a greenstick fracture can vary greatly depending on the degree to which the bone has been broken. In more minor fractures, the only symptoms you might experience are bruising or general tenderness.

In some instances, there may be a discernible bend in the limb or a fractured area, in addition to swelling and pain in that region.

The location of the injury can also have an effect on the symptoms. If the injury takes place in your finger, for instance, you might find that you are unable to move the finger for a while after it has taken place. Alternatively, a fracture in your arm might cause you discomfort in the form of swelling, tenderness, and pain even though it would not restrict your mobility.

When to call our Home emergency for a greenstick fracture in Manilva

Call our home emergency in Manilva if the pain in the injured limb persists. When a child is unable to support their own weight or when there is obvious pain, deformity, or swelling, prompt medical attention should be sought.