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home doctor service in marbella

When you suffer a medical emergency at home you need to see a medical professional as quickly as possible. We understand that in some cases, the state of your emergency can prevent you getting to see a doctor quickly - that's why we offer our home doctor service in Marbella.

Our fast moving home doctor service in Marbella was just what Tara needed when she woke up unable to breathe one morning. As scary as this experience can be, Tara managed to make a quick decision to call Helicopteros Sanitarios and being a member, she was able to call on our home doctor service.

It's hugely important that you call for medical help if you start to notice any of the following symptoms that are making it hard for you to breathe:
1: Your chest feels tight and/or heavy
2: You feel nauseous or have vomited
3: You have pain in your arm that spreads to your back, neck and jaw.

This is exactly what Tara did when she woke up experiencing difficulty breathing. We sent three medics over to her as quickly as possible to help her manage her breathing, provide a medical assessment and suggest Tara's next treatment steps.

Tara later said that the medics who attended her home were "so friendly and really put me at ease." This is great to hear as it's super important to us that our home doctor service in Marbella is not only effective but is also delivered in a caring and considerate way that our patients and members can feel comfortable with and really appreciate.

Being a member of the Helicopteros Sanitarios family means you around-the-clock access to our home doctor service in Marbella. This provides a great peace of mind in knowing that should you experience any medical difficulties, you can get the help you need by specialist and caring medics as quickly as possible. Talk to us today about becoming a member and visit our website to find out more about our home doctor service in Marbella.