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Home Doctor Service for Tennis Elbow in Marbella

Home Doctor Service for Tennis elbow in Marbella

Tennis only causes approximately 5% of cases of tennis elbow. You, however, can get tennis elbow after completing almost any type of repetitive movement. Tennis elbow is a very common injury that tends to need minor treatment. However, it can take time to heal. In this article, we will look at tennis elbow and when to call our home doctor Service for tennis elbow in Marbella.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a type of tendinitis. Tendinitis occurs when the tendons swell. This is what causes pain in the arm and the elbow. Tendons are bands of tissue that are quite tough and connect the muscles in the lower arm to your bone. Irrespective of its name, you can get tennis elbow even if you have never played tennis in your life. However, repetitive activities that involve you gripping something when using the 1st two fingers and your thumb can contribute to tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is typically the most common reason why people visit their doctor when they’re experiencing elbow pain. This condition can affect anyone of any age, however, it's most common in people who are 40 years old.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

 The symptoms of tennis elbow can include pain and a feeling of tenderness in the bony part located on the outside of your elbow. This is where the damaged tendons are connected to the bone. The pain can also radiate down into the lower arm or into the upper arm. Although the damage is located in the elbow, it’s likely that you will feel the pain when you are using your hands.

Tennis elbow can cause pain when you:

  • Grip something
  • Lift something up
  • Make a fist
  • Open a door
  • Raise your hand
  • Shake hands
  • Straighten your wrist

When to call our home doctor service for tennis elbow in Marbella

Call our home doctor service for tennis elbow in Marbella if you have the symptoms described above.