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Home Doctor Service for Migraine in Costa del Sol

Home Doctor Service for Migraine in Costa del Sol

Migraines are usually moderate or severe headaches that result in the patient experiencing pain on one side of their head. Other symptoms include feeling or being sick and sensitivity to light and/or sound. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and live in Costa del Sol you can use our Home Doctor Service for Migraine in Costa del Sol.


What Causes a Migraine?

Affecting approximately 20% of women and 7% of men, migraines can be very debilitating. It’s not clear what the causes of migraines are. However, they are thought to occur due to temporary changes in the brain’s nerves, chemicals, and blood vessels. It’s also thought that migraines are somewhat genetic.

Some people experience migraines if:

  • They are about to or have started their period
  • They are tired
  • They are stressed
  • They consume specific foods such as chocolate, cheese, red wine or coffee



Symptoms of a Migraine

Some of the symptoms experienced by patients include:

- Migraine Aura Without a Headache

Also called a “Silent migraine”. This is where migraine symptoms develop but there is no headache.

- Migraine with Aura

This is where symptoms such as seeing a flashing light develop before the migraine starts.

- Migraine without Aura

This is where a migraine develops without any warning and is the most common type of migraine.


While some people suffer from a migraine a few times each week, others may only experience them occasionally.

When you should call a Doctor

You should call our Home Doctor Service for migraine in Costa del Sol if you have severe symptoms or your migraines are occurring frequently. Contact us immediately if you or someone you know is suffering from a migraine and there are the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty talking
  • High temperature and stiff neck
  • Double vision
  • A rash
  • Weakness or paralysis in 1 or 2 arms or in the face



How to Treat a Migraine

While there is no cure for a migraine there are some treatments that can help. Some of the treatments include:

  • Taking painkillers
  • Taking triptans that reverse the changes in the brain that have caused the migraine
  • Taking anti-emetics that can relive nausea or the patient being sick
  • Lying in a quiet and dark room, ensuring the patient has plenty of rest


If none of the above treatments work or there’s something you’re unsure about please use our Home Doctor Service in Costa del Sol.


How to Prevent Migraines

If you think certain foods or stress is causing your migraines you should try to avoid the triggers. While this is easier said than done, avoiding foods or dealing with stress could help immensely.

You may also want to consider eating a balanced diet, exercising and ensuring you get enough sleep. Try to limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine as they could be triggers.


If your migraines are still severe and you’ve tried to avoid the triggers make sure you call our Home Doctor Service for migraine in Costa del Sol. You could be prescribed medication that could help to prevent migraines.