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Home Doctor service for Chickenpox in Costa del Sol

Home Doctor service for chicken pox in Costa del Sol

Chickenpox, which is also known as “Varicella”, is a contagious infection that is caused by the varicella zoster virus. Most people tend to recover from the condition within 1 to 2 weeks, even though it can make them feel quite uncomfortable. Here is everything you should know about chickenpox and when to call our home doctor service for chicken pox in Costa del Sol.


What is Chickenpox?

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The condition is infections and it causes itchy rashes that have blisters that are small and filled with fluid. Chickenpox is very contagious to anyone who has not had the disease and people who have not had a vaccine to protect them from it.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children are vaccinated against chickenpox. The vaccine is perfectly safe and can help to prevent a child from getting the disease. The vaccine can also help to prevent any complications associated with the disease from occurring.


Do you Have Chickenpox?

If you have chickenpox, you will have an itchy rash that appears about 10 to 21 days after you have been exposed to the virus. The rash will last approximately 5 to 10 days.

Other symptoms that you might experience a few days before the rash appears include:

  • A headache
  • A fever
  • A general feeling of being unwell
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tiredness

When the rash develops, it will go through three different stages. These are:

  • Red or pink bumps that are raised and appear over a few days
  • Small blisters that are filled with fluid which appear in 1 day and break
  • Scabs and crusts which form over the broken blisters. These will take a few days to heal

If you have any of the symptoms above call our home doctor service for chicken pox in Costa del Sol

Those who have chickenpox will notice that new bumps will appear for 2-3 days. This means that it’s possible to have all 3 of the above stages at once.

Please note, it is possible for you to infect other people for up to 48 hours before the rash has appeared. The virus will still be contagious until all of the blisters have broken and a crust has formed over them.

Typically mild in children, there are some severe cases. These involve a rash appearing all over the body. In addition to this, there may be lesions forming on the body’s mucous membranes in the vagina, urethra and the anus. There might also be lesions in the eyes and the throat. If that is the case please call our home doctor service for chicken pox in Costa del Sol.


When to call our home doctor service for Chickenpox in Costa del Sol

If you think you or your child might have chickenpox, consult our home doctor service for chickenpox in Costa del Sol. We can quickly diagnose chickenpox by taking a look at the rash and asking you about other symptoms you might have. We might prescribe medication so the condition's severity is reduced. Medication can also help to treat complications, should there be any.

You should call our doctor ahead of time so you don’t infect others in the waiting room. Mention to the individual who takes your call that you or your child might have chickenpox.

Please also tell us if the: 

  • Rash has spread to 1 or 2 eyes
  • Rash is tender, warm, or very red. This could be a sign of a bacterial skin infection
  • Rash is also accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, disorientation, dizziness loss of muscle coordination a stiff neck, vomiting, tremors, or a fever that’s more than 38.9 C
  • Patient or anyone in the household has an issue with their immune system or they are less than 6 months old