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What is a hernia - Home doctor for hernia in Costa del Sol

Home doctor for hernia in Costa del Sol

Hernia can sometimes be safe and pain-free, but can also cause suffering and irritation. In this article, we explain what a hernia is, the common causes of hernia, and when to call our home doctor for hernia in Costa del Sol.

What is a hernia?

A hernia happens when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes in a nearby muscle or connective tissue called fascia, through a vulnerable spot. Inguinal (inner groin), femoral (outer groin), hiatal (upper stomach), umbilical (belly button) and incisional (derived from an incision) are the most common forms of hernia.


What Causes Hernias?

In the end, all hernias are caused by a combination of pressure and a muscle or fascia opening or weakness. The pressure pushes an organ or tissue through the opening or weak spot.

Anything that causes increase abdominal pressure will cause a hernia, including:

  • Lifting heavy objects without stabilizing the abdominal muscles
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Persevere cough or sneezing
  • Additionally, obesity, poor nutrition, and smoking can all weaken muscles and increase hernias.

Is it a hernia?

A hernia is, in many cases, nothing more than a painless swelling that causes no complications and does not require urgent medical care.

However, a hernia may be causing irritation and suffering, with effects often increasing after running, straining, or moving large objects.

In certain cases , for example, a hernia involves emergency surgery, when part of the gut becomes strangulated or obstructed by an inguinal hernia.

You should pursue immediate medical care and call our home doctor for hernia in Costa del Sol if your inguinal hernia leads to acute abdominal concerns such as:

  • pain
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • the bulge cannot be pushed back into the abdomen


In these cases, the swelling is typically tender and firm, and can not be pushed back into the abdomen. A hiatal hernia may induce acid reflux effects, such as heartburn, which is caused by stomach acid entering the esophagus.


When to call our home doctor for hernia in Costa del Sol

Some hernias require immediate medical attention and are extremely serious.  If you have a noticeable bulge or protrusion accompanied by nausea , vomiting, fever or chills, or if you are unable to move your intestine normally, call our home doctor for hernia in Costa del Sol as soon as possible.

You may have a strangulated or incarcerated hernia, which means that an intestinal loop has been caught in the abdominal wall and lost its supply of blood. The intestines are at risk of dying, with life threatening repercussions. You'll certainly need surgery very fast in these kinds of situations.

For more information about hernia repair, our home doctor for hernia in Costa del Sol is here to help. Please contact us at (+34) 952 81 67 67 today to schedule your visit.