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Why you need to take care of your liver — Home doctor for a health check-up in Manilva

Home doctor for a health check-up in Manilva

Because they may exhibit few, if any, symptoms, people with liver issues are frequently unaware of their condition. Even if two-thirds of your liver are damaged, it will still function because your liver is a strong organ. Here’s the importance of taking care of your liver and regularly visiting our home doctor for a health check-up in Manilva.

About the Liver

Your liver, which weighs just over one kilogramme, is a sophisticated chemical factory that operates around-the-clock. Almost everything you consume, breathe in, rub on your skin, or ingest is processed by the liver, which also carries out over 500 other essential bodily processes.

Your liver aids your body daily by supplying it with energy, warding off toxins and infections, aiding in blood clotting, controlling hormones, and much more.

Here is a partial list of the functions of your liver to give you an idea of the vital roles it plays:

Your liver:

  • cleanses your blood by neutralising and destroying poisonous substances, as well as metabolising alcohol, other drugs, and chemicals.
  • controls the flow of fuel through your body, producing, storing, and supplying quick energy (glucose) to keep your body moving and your mind alert. It generates, transports, and exports fat.
  • produces a large number of your body's vital proteins that are involved in things like blood clotting, infection resistance, and transporting substances in your blood.
  • controls the hormone balance, which includes the levels of sex hormones, thyroid hormones, cortisone, and other adrenal hormones.
  • controls the amount of cholesterol in your body by making it, excreting it, and converting it into other necessary substances.
  • controls your body's supply of vital vitamins and minerals, such as iron and copper.
  • produces bile, which aids in digestion and the removal of toxic substances from the body.

Risk & Prevention

You make choices on a daily basis that can have an effect on the health of your liver. Your liver may benefit or suffer from the decisions you make regarding the foods you eat, the products you buy for your home, and the activities you participate in on a daily basis.

Understanding the crucial functions the liver plays in preserving your general health and how actions you may take for granted can benefit or harm this crucial organ is essential if you want to maintain a healthy liver. You may actually lower your risk of developing not only liver disease but also other health conditions like diabetes and heart disease by learning more about your liver and how to keep it healthy.


Home doctor for a health check-up in Manilva

Because the symptoms of liver disease can be vague and easily confused with those of other health problems, diagnosing liver disease can often be a challenging task. In some instances, a person may have no symptoms whatsoever, despite the fact that significant damage may already have been done to his or her liver. The more than one hundred distinct types of liver disease can each have significantly different risk factors. The good news is that many liver diseases can be avoided, managed, or even cured in certain instances. However, early detection is essential, and it is imperative that you ask your physician for a health checkup and a liver test. For more information about our Home doctor for a health check-up in Manilva call us at (+34) 951 27 67 67.