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Sleep Advice for Colds and Flu — Home doctor for a cold in Sotogrande

Home doctor for a cold in Sotogrande

When you have a stuffy nose and a hacking cough, it can be difficult to get to sleep. How can you ensure that you get the rest that you require? Here are some tips that will help and when to call our home doctor for a cold in Sotogrande.


How to Get a Good Night's Sleep When You Have a Cold or the Flu

  1. Have a hot beverage or meal. Inhaling the steam from hot soup or beverages can relieve dry nasal passages, loosen mucus, and ease airway obstruction. To ease coughing and soothe your throat, mix in some honey. Before bed, take a hot bath or shower.
  2. Elevate your head when sleeping. Your sinus pressure will decrease when your head is elevated above the level of your body; therefore, put gravity to work for you. It's common for postnasal drip to accumulate when you lie down, which can irritate your throat and bring on a cough. To give yourself more support while you're lying in bed, you can shape a few pillows into the shape of a wedge. You may find it slightly easier to breathe and sleep.
  3. Avoid consuming alcohol. Even if it can make you feel sleepy, alcohol has the effect of causing people to wake up more frequently throughout the night. In addition to this, alcohol can cause your sinuses to swell and can have a negative interaction with any medication you take for a cold or the flu. 
  4. Use a humidifier or vaporizer. Your airways become dry and raw as a result of cold and flu symptoms. Use a vaporizer or humidifier to add moisture to the air. To prevent it from harbouring mould or bacteria, make sure to clean it frequently -- follow the cleaning instructions.
  5. Consider taking antiviral medication. Be sure to carefully read the product labels before taking any over-the-counter nighttime medications for cold and flu symptoms. There are many options available. Find the medication that best addresses your symptoms. Consult your local pharmacist if you are unsure what treatment is best suited for your symptoms.

When to call our home doctor for a cold in Sotogrande

As a member of Helicopteros Sanitarios, you can call our doctor no matter the symptoms. However, there are symptoms you should watch out for, as they could mean something more serious.

Call our home doctor for a cold in Sotogrande if your flu symptoms are unusually severe, such as:

  • difficulty breathing
  • severe throat pain
  • an excessive amount of green or yellow mucus coming from the cough
  • Feeling weak

Call us right away if you experience any other pneumonia-related symptoms, such as a fever, a sharp pain when you inhale deeply, or a persistent cough that produces phlegm.

Get in touch with your doctor as soon as your symptoms appear if you are particularly vulnerable to complications.