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Is my toe broken? - Home Doctor Service for broken toe in Torremolinos

Home Doctor Service for broken toe in Torremolinos

You will normally heal a fractured toe by taping it onto a nearby foot. But So if the fracture is severe you may require a cast or even surgery in order to ensure proper cure,  especially if it affects the big toe. This article is a guide on how to know if you have a broken toe and when to call our home doctor service for broken toe in Torremolinos.


Broken Toe Overview

A broken toe is another term for a toe fracture. Generally broken toes are the product of a type of trauma or foot or toe injury. Injuries like stubbing a toe or dropping a heavy object on a toe can result in a fracture. Sometimes, as in some athletic events, a fractured toe may result from repeated repetitive movements, otherwise known as a stress fracture.


Is my toe broken?

  • Discomfort, swelling, or stiffness can occur after injury. There may also be visible skin bruise around the toe, and it may not look natural, and if the broken bone is out of alignment it might even appear twisted or deformed. Because of the pain, walking can be difficult , particularly if the big toe is broken.
  • Shoes may be painful to wear or feel too tight.
  • In addition to, or as a result of, the fracture, some other problems can occur. These complications can occur immediately following the injury (minutes to days), or can occur much later (weeks to years).

Immediate complications

  • Nail injury: Under the toenail an accumulation of blood can form, called a subungual hematoma. It may have to be drained if it is large. Our home doctor service for broken toe in Torremolinos will make a small hole in the toenail to drain away the blood in order to drain the subungual hematoma. If the hematoma is very large or painful, the entire toenail may need to be removed.
  • Open fracture: The fractured bone in a toe fracture may stick out of the skin. This is called an open or compound fracture. To prevent the bone from being infected, careful cleaning of the wound and likely antibiotic medication will be required. Occasionally surgery can even be required.


Delayed complications

  • A person can still be left with arthritis, discomfort, stiffness, or even deformity after healing the toe fracture.
  • The broken bone will often not heal fully (called a nonunion) or heal poorly (called a malunion). While it's rare, it can take surgery to fix this problem.


When to call our home doctor service for broken toe in Torremolinos

Consult our home doctor service for broken toe in Torremolinos if the pain, swelling and discoloration continue for more than a few days or if the injury interferes with walking or wearing shoes.

Our doctor will check your toe and inquire about your medical history. Give as many specifics as you can about your injury and symptoms to your doctor. If you experience a lack of sensation or tingling in your feet, be sure to tell the doctor, as it could be a sign of nerve damage.

If there’s a chance the toe is broken, our home doctor service for broken toe in Torremolinos will likely want to get one or more X-rays of the injured toe. It is important to get images from different angles to understand the magnitude of the break. X-ray details would also help our physician determine whether surgery is needed.