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Aerobic walking exercise may boost cognitive function in multiple sclerosis — Home check-up for MS in Costa del Sol

Home check-up for MS in Costa del Sol

Cognitive processing speed (CPS) impairment is prevalent among people with MS and correlates with increased difficulties in daily living functions. After 16 weeks of aerobic walking exercise training, participants in a recent pilot study showed moderate CPS improvement. The study was conducted in the United States. According to the findings of this study, exercise training done remotely may be an effective method for reducing CPS impairment in MS patients who are fully ambulatory. Here we talk about these new findings as well as our home check-up for MS in Costa del Sol.


Cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis

Researchers suggest that multiple sclerosis (MS) arises when an unidentified trigger causes the immune system to attack the central nervous system (CNS), leading to damage to the protective layer of nerves known as myelin. This disruption in neural signalling throughout the CNS results in various unpredictable symptoms experienced by individuals with MS, including memory problems, pain, numbness, mood changes, and potentially paralysis.

Among people with MS, cognitive impairment is a prevalent condition, affecting approximately 45% to 70% of individuals. This impairment significantly impacts their quality of life, work performance, and social participation. Specifically, cognitive processing speed (CPS) impairment is a common form of cognitive dysfunction experienced by those with MS.

Current treatments available for MS, such as first-line corticosteroids and cognitive rehabilitation, have shown limited effectiveness in addressing CPS impairment.

How exercise may help


A recent study highlighted the potential benefits of physical activity in stimulating neurological functioning and reducing neural apoptosis and neurodegeneration in people with MS. The study emphasised the concept of neuroplasticity, suggesting that exercise could play a crucial role in enhancing cognitive abilities.

Current treatments for cognitive impairment in MS are limited, with no established pharmacologic options available. However, researchers have observed promising outcomes with cognitive rehabilitation programs that incorporate both physical and cognitive stimulation.

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health discussed the study's findings, suggesting that exercise has the potential to improve cognitive functioning in individuals with MS. While further research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms behind this connection, the emerging evidence indicates that exercise may hold promise as a non-pharmacological approach to address cognitive impairment in MS.


However, people who have MS face significant obstacles when trying to exercise on a regular basis. For instance, there may be insufficient transportation options and access to facilities may be restricted or nonexistent.

According to what the neurologist shared with MNT, some people who have multiple sclerosis believe they are unable to exercise because of financial constraints, a lack of self-efficacy, or concerns that exercising will make their symptoms worse.

Home check-up for MS in Costa del Sol

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