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When should parents be concerned about chickenpox? — Home GP for chicken pox in Marbella

Home GP for chicken pox in Marbella

In children, chickenpox is a very common condition. By the time they turn 10, most children will have experienced it, and compared to adults, younger children typically only experience milder symptoms. Although it is thankfully uncommon for children to experience complications, it is important that these cases are recognised and treated properly. Here are some warning signs that parents should be concerned about, as well as some tips from our Marbella home GP.

When should parents be concerned about chickenpox?

You should consult a doctor if:

  • The blisters are developing a secondary infection, which manifests itself as a reddening of the skin in the surrounding area and the possibility of the blisters becoming filled with pus.
  • Your child is suffering from dehydration, which will cause his or her diapers to become drier and will most likely cause your child to become listless and floppy.
  • Their limbs, including their fingers and toes, start to become chilly.
  • They may experience trouble breathing or become disoriented as a result.

Fortunately, most kids recover quickly without the need for medical attention, but if you do need to see a doctor, it's critical to let the receptionist know that you think your child may have chickenpox.

Whilst chickenpox is usually a mild illness in young children, it can be much more serious in anyone with a weakened immune system such as those on chemotherapy or in pregnant women.


Home GP for chicken pox in Marbella

If your child has the symptoms described in this article, call our home GP for chicken pox in Marbella. In most cases, a diagnosis of chickenpox can be made based solely on the appearance of the characteristic rash, without taking into account any other symptoms. To treat complications and lessen the severity of chickenpox, a doctor may prescribe medication. This is done on an as-needed basis. Having the appointment at home is crucial as chicken pox can be very contagious.