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Treating Sleep Disorders Through Our GP Service in Marbella

gp service marbella for sleep disorder

Sleep disorders a group of illnesses or conditions which negatively affect your ability to sleep. They can be brought on by stress or another secondary health problem. In many cases, these disorders can start to interfere with your everyday life and this can be distressing. If you're suffering from a sleep disorder, our GP service in Marbella for sleep disorder can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of your condition, helping you to get back on track again.


Depending on the type of the sleep disorder you're experiencing, you may find that your mood being negatively affected. It could also affect your energy levels, concentration and general health.


Our GP service in Marbella will usually recommend a combination of medical treatments and lifestyle changes to help combat your sleeping disorders.

To really tackle your sleeping disorder and ensure you reduce its effects on your everyday life, getting an early and accurate diagnosis as early as possible is crucial. This ensures that you get the right treatment for you and your disorder. If you speak to our GP service in Marbella, we'll make sure you get the right diagnosis and proper treatment. This can help to make sure that your general health is less affected by your disorder.


Sleeping disorders can create a lot of tensions a strain within your working life and relationships, so getting the right treatment as soon as possible is key.


There are four major sleep disorders that people tend to be diagnosed with these are:

- insomnia

- restless leg syndrome

- sleep apnea

- parasomnias.

How Are Sleep Disorders Treated?
The right treatment for you will depend on the exact sleep disorder you have. With our GP service in Marbella, we'll take every care possible to ensure that you receive the treatment you need to tackle the exact disorder you've been diagnosed with. The usual recommendation will be a combination of medical treatments and simple lifestyle changes.


Medical Treatments
There is a range of medical treatments that can help to reduce your sleep disturbances. These can include:

- sleeping pills

- medication to treat allergies or colds

- melatonin supplements

- medication to treat an underlying health issue

- devices to aid breathing

- a dental guard to prevent teeth grinding.


Lifestyle Changes
Lifestyle adjustments don't have to be huge, but even small changes can make a huge improvement to your quality of sleep. Here are a few things that our GP service in Marbella will usually recommend:


- include more vegetables and fish into your diet

- decrease your daily intake of sugar

- drink less before bedtime to avoid late night toilet breaks

- create and stick to a regular bedtime routine

- limit your caffeine intake  after midday

- cut down of tobacco and alcohol

- eat meals which are low in carbohydrates before bed

- having a set bedtime and waking time - even on weekends.


If you’re suffering from a sleep disorder and would like to get in touch with our GP service in Marbella to find out how we could help, do so today.