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gp service in marbella

When someone you love needs medical attention, you want to know that they'll be seen quickly and by someone with experience and expertise. That's where our GP service in Marbella comes in.

When Doreen's husband collapsed she called us and in just 25 minutes we had someone with her. Our GP service in Marbella is one of the fastest home care services available. Not only that, but all our medics are expertly trained and can provide the thorough and compassionate care you need in times of trouble.

When her husband collapsed the following day again, Doreen turned once again to our GP service in Marbella and received the same high level of care as the day before.

Not only did we make sure that Doreen's husband was medically okay, we also made sure that Doreen herself was well looked after and helped to lessen her nerves and keep her calm after the incident.

If you're with someone who collapses it's highly important that you know what to do until medics can get to you.

1: Check they are breathing - if not, you may need to provide CPR until the emergency services can get to you.

2: Check they are responsive and alert - in some cases, people may come round and you can engage them in light conversation to check how alert they are. In other cases, the individual may not be alert but may respond to questions (even if they just mumble) or they may respond to pain (for example they may grimace if pinched).

3: Pay close attention to their condition so that you can inform the emergency services as much as possible when they arrive.

Doreen was full of praise for our GP services, saying that 'If it had not been for their quick response on both occasions I hate to think what would have happened."

All our members are entitled to use our GP service in Marbella and we'll be on hand to help and support you in a medical emergency should you need us. To find out more about our service, visit our website.