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When to Call Our GP Service for Concussion in Marbella

GP service for concussion in Marbella

Concussion and mild traumatic brain injury are common clinical issues. A mild concussion may involve no, or very brief, loss of consciousness, while severe concussion may include prolonged loss of consciousness with a delayed return to normal. Our GP service for concussion in Marbella is often called upon to assess a patient's state and health after a concussion and will be on hand to support you after your injury to help you return to normal.

Concussion typically results from blunt force trauma to the head, such as in a fall, car accident, sports injury or being struck on the head.

Although most patients with a concussion recover within a matter of days or weeks, around 10% of people will develop persistent signs and symptoms of post-concussion syndrome.

There are no scientifically established treatments for these conditions, and so rest and cognitive rehabilitation are traditionally recommended by our GP service for concussion in Marbella. The treatment methods we recommend will help you manage any lasting symptoms of your concussion.

The role of our GP service for concussion in Marbella

IF you experience a head injury, make sure you call our GP service for concussion in Marbella immediately. Our team will come to you and assess your condition before determining the right course of action. Even if you go straight to the hospital for your concussion, your GP will generally be asked about the significance of minor head injury retrospectively, or be called out to your home if you've had a fall and hit your head, or have to deal with minor head injuries where a period of loss of consciousness is uncertain.

Our GP service for concussion in Marbella will also advise and support you in dealing with longer-term consequences and persistent symptoms after a head injury.


Assessing head injury

A detailed history of your head injury is essential in understanding how to treat and manage the consequences. It should include how and when the injury occurred and what symptoms you've experienced from the injury.

The examination should assess your level of consciousness, and any neurological deficit or signs of physical trauma to the head and neck should be recorded.

After your assessment, our GP service for concussion in Marbella may decide you're well enough to be left at home if the clinical history and examination indicate a low risk of brain injury. Patients will need competent supervision at home and should be given verbal and written self-care advice from expert GPs to aid your care.

Ideally, you should avoid contact sports for three weeks after your injury. You should also not drive or operate machinery until you've completely recovered.

If you or someone you're with suffers a head injury and loses consciousness or experiences any other symptoms of concussion, make sure you call our GP service for concussion in Marbella to get checked out as soon as possible.