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Eileen's Story - GP service in Costa del Sol

GP service in Costa del Sol

When you or a member of your family has an allergic reaction, it can be really terrifying. In some cases, an allergic reaction can be managed by an EpiPen or antihistamines. But there are instances where an allergic reaction can become more severe. With our GP service in Costa del Sol, you know you'll be covered in exactly these situations.


Most of the time, you will be aware of your allergies, but if you're not, there are tests you can take to help identify any allergies and intolerances you may have. If your allergy is mild, such as mild hayfever, you should be able to manage your symptoms by reducing the exposure to your triggers or taking oral antihistamines. However, if your allergy is more severe, your doctor will usually prescribe you an EpiPen. You should always keep your EpiPen and a spare on your person at all times.


At the first signs of an allergic reaction, you should make sure you take your precautions. Some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction include:

- itching or tingling inside the mouth

- hives or itching skin

- swelling of the airways

- swelling of the skin

- nasal congestion

- problems breathing

- dizziness.


Sometimes your EpiPen may fail or not have enough of an effect to tackle your allergy. This can mean that your symptoms persist or even get worse.


This is what happened to Eileen. A member of her family suffered a severe allergic reaction and required medical attention urgently. Thankfully, she was able to call on the Helicopters Sanitarios home doctor service.



As part of our home doctor service, we make sure you have access to an emergency doctor any time on any day of the year.


That's why, when Eileen called us at 11 pm we were able to get a team of medical professionals out to her as soon as possible. In fact, we were with her just eleven minutes after she called us!


Because Eileen called on our home doctor service we were able to make sure her family member got the emergency care they needed. Eileen even described the service and care her relative received as ‘brilliant.’


If you would like any more information about our GP service in Costa del Sol and to find out how you can become a member of the Helicopteros Sanitarios family, get in touch today.