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Winter vaccinations - GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations

GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations

By using your body’s natural defense system to develop resistance to specific infectious diseases, vaccination is an easy, safe, and reliable way to protect people from harmful illnesses. Vaccinations strengthen your immune system and help prevent infection before you get in contact with the disease. In this article is everything you need to know about vaccinations and how to contact our GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations.

What are vaccines?

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense system. When you are exposed to a disease your immune system creates antibodies to protect you from infection the next time you come into contact with it. Vaccination works on the same principle. But because a vaccine only contains weakened or killed forms of germs, which are responsible for the disease, they do not cause the disease in full strength and put you in danger of its complications. Vaccines are usually injected directly into your body. However, you can administer some of them by mouth (orally) or they are sprayed into your nose. To find out in what way you will receive your immunity shot contact our  GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations.   

Is vaccination necessary?

Protecting ourselves and protecting the people around us are the main reasons for vaccination. However, not everyone can get vaccinated. Very young babies, people in serious health conditions or people who are suffering from certain allergies depend on those around them to be vaccinated. Because only by reducing the possibility of getting in contact with an infection to a minimum they can be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Vaccinations appear to be increasingly important at the moment. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the number of children receiving their regular immunizations has dropped. This can lead to a rise in illnesses and deaths from preventable diseases in the future. Despite the difficulties brought up by COVID-19, the WHO has urged countries to ensure the availability of essential immunizations and healthcare services. To find out how we can guarantee our services during this challenging time and if you have to expect restrictions in any kind please contact our GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations.


What is in a vaccine?

A vaccine contains several different ingredients. Each one is important to ensure the substance to be safe and effective. The main elements of a vaccine include:

  • The antigen, which is a killed or weakened form or the virus or bacteria triggering the disease. It teaches our body to identify and fight the infection when we face it in the future.
  • Adjuvants. These compounds help boost your immune system, which makes the vaccine to work much better.
  • Preservatives. They guarantee that the vaccine remains effective and protect the substance from contamination due to microbial growth.
  • Stabilisers, which are needed to protect the vaccine during storage and transport.           

When they are listed on the packaging, the ingredients of a vaccine can look unfamiliar. But actually you can find a lot of these components naturally in our bodies, the environment, or in the foods we consume. Also, before given to people, all the ingredients in vaccines and the vaccines themselves, are tested extensively and controlled to guarantee that they are safe. If you are still uncertain about getting vaccinations contact our  GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations for more information.


What are the winter vaccinations?

1. Flu Vaccine

Suitable for everyone who is 6 month and older.

It should be administered annually to ensure protection.

2. Shingles Vaccine

Recommended for older people, who are 65 years and older.

This is a one-time immunization. 

3. Tetanus Vaccine

Advised to anyone, who is 2 month and older.

The first tetanus vaccination should be administered at a young age. ‘Booster’ vaccinations every 10 years, even into old age, are recommended to ensure immunity.

4. Pertussis Vaccine

Recommended for everyone, who is 2 month and older.

Your first vaccination should be given during childhood. One following ‘booster’  vaccinations should be given somewhere between the ages of 19-64. After the age of 65 you should receive another dosage to benefit from continued immunity. 

5. Pneumococcal Vaccine

Suitable for anyone, who is 6 month and older.

Based on the individual medical history, the number of doses differs from person to person. To find out if you do or do not need ‘booster’ vaccinations, talk to our GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations.


GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations

You can receive your winter vaccinations at Helicopteros Sanitarios. To get more information or to book an appointment call our GP in Costa del Sol for winter vaccinations now at (+34) 952 81 67 67.