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Dirk's Story - Patient of Helicopteros Sanitarios

Marbella GP home doctor service

When you fall ill, you want to know that you'll get the help you need as soon as possible. That's precisely what Dirk got when he recently called our GP home doctor service in the early hours of a Sunday morning.


Even though it was four in the morning, when Dirk called us, we sent members of our team to him straight away. Our GP home doctor service always attends patient calls in one of our state of the art ambulances and in Dirk's case this was crucial.


Although the ambulance arrived quickly, our GP home doctor service decided to take Dirk to a nearby hospital to be seen by a specialist.


"It was the right diagnosis because urgent surgery was required." Said Dirk.


After travelling in our state of the art ambulance to a nearby hospital, Dirk was able to have the surgery we needed and was able to make a good recovery.


Dirk was full of praise for our team saying they were both "friendly and professional."


Our GP home doctor service is made up of highly qualified medical professionals who’re friendly, calm and professional. The team also speak excellent Spanish and English so that they can communicate with you effectively - something that was hugely useful in Dirk’s situation.


If you would like to know more about our GP home doctor service, visit our website.