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We Love Hearing From Happy Patients Like Kathleen!

GP home doctor service Marbella: What our patients say

Our GP home doctor service does great work attending to patients in need, whenever and wherever they need us. Our team work exceptionally hard to make sure that each and every member of the Helicopteros Sanitarios family receives the care and attention they need. It's our hard work and dedication that makes it so great to hear from patients who have used our GP home service and experienced out hard work first hand!


Kathleen used our GP home service and was full of praise for our service and our team. She said "I think this is one of the most wonderful organisations ever created. It gives peace of mind."


And it's not just the organisation as a whole that Kathleen had praise for. She was also blown away by the level of support she and her family received when treated by our GP home doctor service. She said, "This is the very best kind of care we can get and we pay the money gladly!"


If you’re in the Costa del Sol and have a fall, accident, allergic reaction or find yourself in need of medical attention for whatever reason, do what Kathleen did and call on us. Our GP home doctor service will get to you as quickly as possible and ensure you receive all the treatment you need. If more treatment is needed, we’ll get you to our state of the art hospital in as little time as possible and make sure you're seen by a medical expert to ensure you leave in the best condition possible.


It's great to know that our patients value us and appreciate the care we provide. To find out more about why so many people, like Kathleen, love using our GP home doctor service, visit our website.