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Recovering from Ligament Damage at Home With Help From Our GP Home Doctor Service in La Alcaidesa

GP Home Doctor Service in La Alcaidesa

No matter how you damage a ligament, physical therapy will likely play a key role in your comeback plan. Our GP home doctor service in La Alcaidesa will be there to support you at every stage of your recovery and will give you all the advice you need to support your recovery.

Rehabilitation therapy will help get you back to full speed and can be easily supported at home by our GP home doctor service in La Alcaidesa. You'll be given a series of exercises and movements to help improve the mobility of your injured joint and ease your pain. It can also help reduce or prevent permanent damage to your ligament or joint.

What to Expect from Rehabilitation Therapy

For the first few weeks of your treatment, you will likely need to wear a splint or cast to stabilise the ligament and allow it to repair itself. This will also help to minimise the risk of further damage.

Your therapist and GP will use a mixture of techniques to relieve your pain and boost your coordination, strength, and flexibility. You might need to use exercise equipment like bikes and treadmills or weights, depending on the ligament you've damaged.

He may also recommend treating your injury with heat or ice packs. In some cases, other methods such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, or massages might help to ease some of your pain and help you use your ligament correctly again.

Along with the work you do at home with our GP home doctor service in La Alcaidesa, you may also need to attend therapy appointments in a hospital or health centre. Combining these two forms of treatments will help to speed up your healing process and make sure your ligaments heal safely.


What Are Ligament Sprains?

Ligaments are the durable bands of tissue that connect bones to each other and stabilise your joints.  For example, your knee ligaments connect your thighbone to your shinbone, allowing your joints to move so that you walk and run.

A sprain is when your ligament is stretched or torn. The ligaments most likely to get injured are in your ankles, knees, and wrists as these are the ones which are placed under the most pressure.

What if Therapy and Exercises Don't Work?

In some cases, the ligament is so badly damaged that rehabilitation therapy and home exercises aren't enough. In these cases of severe damage, you'll require surgery to help the ligament heal or even to replace it.

You'll likely have to carry out exercises at home once you've had your surgery. Our GP home doctor service in La Alcaidesa will help to ensure these exercises are carried out and will monitor your recovery.

How Will Rehabilitation With a GP Home Doctor Service in La Alcaidesa Help?

The aims of any rehabilitation exercises are:

  • improve your joint mobility
  • reduce swelling
  • retain muscle strength.

If you would like to know more about how our GP home doctor service in La Alcaidesa helps patients recovering from ligament damage, visit our website.