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How Our GP Home Doctor in Marbella Recommends You Deal With Panic Attacks

GP home doctor service in Marbella for Panic Attacks

A panic attack is more than feeling worried or nervous. It's a feeling of sudden and intense anxiety that can often bring on physical symptoms such as shaking, dizziness, dry mouth and excessive sweating. Although a panic attack isn't dangerous, it can be scary. That's why our GP home doctor service in Marbella for panic attacks think it's essential that you know how to deal with the attacks when they strike. Whether you or someone you know suffers from frequent panic attacks, we have some tips to help you cope with them.

Advice From Our GP Home Doctor Service in Marbella For Panic Attacks

1: Don't Let the Fear Control You

When you feel a panic attack starting, it's essential that you try not to let it control or consume you. Remember that any physical symptoms are not a sign of anything more serious and won't do you any harm. You should also remind yourself that the attack will pass soon.

Try to ride out the attack and keep doing what you're doing. This will help you confront and control your panic, rather than letting it control you. Doing so will also give you a chance to see that nothing is going to happen, which will equally help to calm your panic attack.

2: Breathing Exercises

Some of the most commonly recommended techniques suggested by our GP home doctor service in Marbella for panic attacks are breathing exercises. Breathing exercises can help ground you in the moment and soothe your physical symptoms. Try breathing in slowly and deeply through your nose while silently counting to five, then slowly let the breath out through your mouth to the count of five. Some people also find it useful to count each breath in and think the word 'out' as they let the breath escape. You can even try thinking 'in' and 'out' as you breathe. Doing your breathing exercises for a few minutes should help to steady the attack.

  • EXTRA TIP: Try closing your eyes as you breathe to help you focus on your breathing.

Advice On Helping  Others From Our GP Home Doctor Service In Marbella for Panic Attacks

If you're with someone who you notice is having a panic attack, try to remind them gently to breathe. You could even try breathing with them to encourage them to slow their breathing, calm their heart rate and steady any other symptoms.

As they start to calm down try and get them to talk, if they feel comfortable to do so, about what it was that made them panic. This can help them understand what it was that caused them to feel stressed so that they can deal with it more effectively in the future. In some cases of Anxiety disorders, there won't be a trigger, so it's important not to make the person feel odd or uncomfortable if they're not sure what caused their attack.


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