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Treatment From Our GP Home Doctor Service For Heatstroke In Costa del Sol

GP home doctor service for heatstroke in Costa del Sol

Heatstroke can occur when you suffer from initial heat exhaustion, and it goes untreated for too long. Not treating heat exhaustion can cause your core temperature to rise and can have severe consequences. Our GP home doctor service for heatstroke in Costa del Sol is on hand to treat your heatstroke as quickly as possible.

This article will help you learn how our GP home doctor service for heatstroke in Costa del Sol can help and give you advice on managing heatstroke while we get to you.


First, it's incredibly important that you take heat exhaustion and heatstroke seriously. The condition can cause some serious issues including:

  • comas
  • brain damage
  • seizures
  • death.

Some of the less severe symptoms of heatstroke that give an early signal of an issue are also unpleasant and can include

  • confusion
  • skin that's hot to touch
  • flushed or dry skin
  • rapid breathing
  • faster than normal heartbeat
  • excessive sweating
  • incoherent speech
  • disorientation.

If you notice a combination of any of these symptoms, it could be a signal of mild heatstroke. If this happens, you need to act fast. Heatstroke can affect the entire body, so it's essential that you call on our GP home doctor service for heatstroke in Costa del Sol as soon as you notice the symptoms.


If you encounter an individual with heat stroke, you should be extremely cautious. If the environment is hot enough for one person to develop heatstroke then there's the possibility that it could start to affect you too.  You can protect yourself by staying hydrated, washing your hands and wearing clothing to protect your skin.

As soon as you notice the symptoms of heatstroke, call our GP home doctor service for heatstroke in Costa del Sol immediately.

We'll make sure someone can get to you as soon as possible, but while you wait, make sure the individual is breathing and that their airway is clear.

If you can, gently move the patient to a more relaxed environment where the temperature is cooler - for example inside with air conditioning or into a shaded spot. If you have a fan available, make sure to use that too.

You also need to help the heat leave their body as quickly as possible so try to loosen or remove their clothing. You could also try placing wrapped up ice near their armpits or the back of their neck to help cool them down. Every action you undertake should have the aim of cooling the individual down as quickly as possible.

Be mindful about giving the individual fluids. While dehydration can make heatstroke worse, trying to provide fluids for someone who isn't fully conscious could cause them to choke. If they're conscious and able to sip cold water, then this should be encouraged, otherwise try to avoid fluids until help arrives.

For more information on our GP home doctor service for heatstroke in Costa del Sol and all the other instances, we can help with, visit our website.