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Managing Cerebral Palsy with Our GP Home Doctor Service in Costa del Sol

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Cerebral palsy is an incurable condition, but its symptoms can be minimised through certain treatments and careful management of the disease. Although there is no set treatment that works for each patient suffering from cerebral palsy, there are a number of treatment and management techniques that the team of our GP home doctor service in Costa del Sol can recommend to help you manage the condition or care for a loved one who is suffering. Our doctors will work closely with you and your family to identify the specific needs of the sufferer and create a personalised treatment plan that addresses those needs.

The treatment and management plan offered as part of our GP home doctor service in Costa del Sol will usually include one or a combination of these approaches:

- Medications to control seizures and muscle spasms

- Braces to compensate for muscle imbalances

- Mechanical aids to support impairments

- Counselling to support emotional and psychological needs

- Behavioural, physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.


Generally, it's best to start treatment as early as possible as this will make managing cerebral palsy much easier for you and your family.


The Treatment Team

As part of our GP home doctor service in Costa del Sol, you'll have access to the expert support you need in managing cerebral palsy. We'll make sure you have access to:

- a physician who specialises in treating people with developmental disabilities

- an orthopedist who will help manage the treatment of bones, muscles and tendons to predict or treat issues resulting from cerebral palsy

- a physical, occupational and speech and language therapist

- a counsellor or psychologist to help you cope with the stresses that come with living with cerebral palsy.


Whilst not all of these professionals will come to your home or work as part of our GP home doctor service in Costa del Sol, our team will do everything they can to recommend the right services for you and tell you where you can access them.


Friends and family are also a key component of any treatment team and many doctors will testify to the importance of family and friends when it comes to managing cerebral palsy. Friends and family should be involved in the planning and application of treatment to ensure that patients feel supported at every step of the way. This support means that patients are more likely to reach their long-term goals and manage their condition positively.


Physical Therapy for Managing Cerebral Palsy

Physical therapy usually begins soon after a cerebral palsy diagnosis. The therapy programmes are designed to prevent the weakening of muscles and avoiding contracture which can make your muscles rigid and fixed in an abnormal position. Physical therapy is often used in combination with special braces (orthotic devices), to prevent any complications by stretching muscles.


Medications for Managing Cerebral Palsy

Doctors will usually prescribe drugs for those who have seizures as a result of their cerebral palsy. These medications are very effective in preventing seizures in many patients.


If you would like to find out more about managing cerebral palsy or signing up to our GP home doctor service in Costa del Sol, get in touch with us today.