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What is prickly heat?- GP for prickly heat treatment in Marbella

GP for prickly heat treatment in Marbella

Prickly heat can affect everyone, though it is more common in children than in adults. It may itch a lot, but it isn't harmful. Although prickly heat might disappear by itself, it can create some unpleasant symptoms. Continue reading this article to learn more about prickly heat and when to contact our GP for prickly heat treatment in Marbella. 

What is prickly heat?

Adults and children can struggle from prickly heat, also known as heat rash, which begins when sweat becomes stuck beneath the skin. Prickly heat is also called as  miliaria rubra or sweat rash, which is its diagnostic term.  Prickly heat is felt as itchy and unpleasant. Although it can appear anywhere on the body, some typical areas for prickly heat are shoulders, neck, face and chest.


What causes prickly heat?

Exposure to hot temperatures is a frequent cause of prickly heat, which usually goes away on its own after some few days. Some of the most usual triggers of prickly heat rash are hot temperatures, especially when combined with humidity. Sweat is produced by your body to keep your skin cool. Your glands might get overwhelmed if you sweat more than normal. Sweat ducts can get blocked, trapping your sweat deep that is located beneath the skin. Sweat could also leak through layers of the skin close to the layer on the top, becoming stuck there. 

There are some easy remedies to help reduce your symptoms, but contacting our GP for prickly heat treatment in Marbella may be necessary.  

What are the symptoms of prickly heat?

Because of its obvious symptoms, prickly heat is usually easy to spot. Prickly heat is characterized by itching and having small red bumps on the area of skin that was exposed to hot temperatures and sweat for an extended period of time. Prickly heat can also occur in folds of skin and locations where your clothes brushes on your body. 

An immediate reaction to the irritation may happen, or it could take a few days for a reaction to appear on the skin.

If you are getting concerned about the prickly heat, do not hesitate to contact our GP for prickly heat treatment in Marbella.

Prickly heat can sometimes manifest itself as an area of tiny blisters. This is your skin's reaction to the sweat that has leaked through the cracks between its layers. Occasionally, the part of the body where sweat is collected will become swollen or itchy.

Treatment and remedies

Remedies and treatments for prickly heat are:

  • anhydrous lanolin
  • OTC medication
  • wearing loose-fitting clothing
  • topical steroids
  • not using skin products that include mineral oil or petroleum

When to call our GP for prickly heat treatment in Marbella 

You should make an appointment with our GP for prickly heat treatment in Marbella if you or your child has signs and symptoms of prickly heat that don't go away within few days, the rash is worsening, or you notice symptoms of infection, like: swelling, worse pain, warmth or redness around the affected place.