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Living with heart disease - GP for heart disease in Marbella

GP for heart disease in Marbella

There are a few measures you can adopt every day when you have heart disease to make an improvement to your health. In this article, our GP for heart disease in Marbella gives a few tips for healthy living with heart disease.

Stay on Track

It can look like you are making a lot of modifications in one go. Having assistance from dietitians, physicians, and outreach programs to remain focused is a smart option. Especially from our GP for heart disease in Marbella.

The key points to make changes are:

  • Be in contact with your friends and family. Your social connections are good for you.
  • Have a previous plan.
  • Reward yourself for your evolution. Choose a treat that feels good but doesn't destroy your game plan.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Prepare for setbacks. They happen. The most important thing is that you get back on track.
  • Make a written list of your aims.
  • Make the changes one by one. For instance, quit smoking before you start your diet.

Make lifestyle changes for a healthier heart

A good option to add to your lifestyle when you are suffering from a heart disease is to keep a healthy diet and physical activity. You can control the amount of cholesterol together with the pressure of your blood by modifying your lifestyle. 

Healthy eating

With so many different dietary tips accessible, it's best to talk to our Marbella Heart Disease GP about safe food patterns to control your heart disease and lower your chances of severe heart events. The Foundation for the Heart proposes: 

  • Eating a selection of healthy foods and avoiding sugar, snacks, fatty and salty take-away meals.   
  • Your meals include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds daily. 
  • Deciding healthy animal fats and oils like almonds, beans, fish and avocado, olive or canola oil, 
  • Utilizing spices and herbs instead of salt for flavour 
  • Drink water.


Healthy physical activities

In order to enhance the way you feel to be able to return to life and work, daily physical exercise is necessary. Regular exercise can help to minimize the chance of another heart event, in addition to helping to keep the body healthy. Speak to our Marbella Heart Disease GP on how to add physical exercise to your lifestyle after a heart attack. 

Avoid smoke

Tobacco smoke is a huge dangerous element for cardiovascular disease. For a healthier life as well as to lower the risk of a heart incident, stopping smoking and preventing second-hand smoke is essential.

GP for heart disease in Marbella

If you suffer from a heart disease and need the help of a professional to guide you through a healthy living with heart disease, contact our GP for heart disease in Marbella now.