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Improving blood circulation - GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol

GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol

It is possible to have poor circulation without even knowing it. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how healthy you feel. You might even have good blood pressure but still suffer from poor circulation. Although it is not a medical condition on its own, poor circulation is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong and can be a sign for a number of health issues. That’s why it is important not to ignore it. Here you will find some tips on how to improve your blood flow and when to contact our GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol.

How do I know if I have poor circulation?

Poor circulation means your blood cannot travel through your blood vessels unhindered. You may notice this in your limbs, when your hands or feet feel cold or numb. You might even experience the skin on your legs to get a blue tinge, especially when you are light-skinned. Other signs for poor circulation are dry skin, weak and thin nails or hair loss, particularly on your feet and legs. If you are a man it is also possible to have difficulties getting an erection or sustaining it. People with diabetes might notice that their scrapes, sores, or wounds heal less fast. If you observe any of those signs call our GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol to check for any underlying health problem.       


How to improve circulation

Poor circulation can be triggered or amplified by

  • Smoking tobacco products,
  • Consuming a lot of saturated fats or
  • Sitting still for long periods. 

To improve your circulation you should start by stopping or reducing these factors. Additionally you should try to include some of the following tips into your everyday life: 

1. Maintaining a healthy weight

Reaching a healthy weight and maintaining it can help to sustain good circulation. Being under- or overweight can affect your circulation in a negative way. This is evident from a study from 2009. Researchers found out that by reducing their body mass, women who were overweight could improve their circulation.

2. Jogging

Exercising regularly is not only an important factor for an overall healthy life. Especially cardiovascular training, like jogging or cycling, helps to support your circulatory system. And keeping your circulatory system healthy can increase your blood flow. If you don’t like either jogging or cycling, ask our GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol for a recommendation of some other cardiovascular exercises.

3. Practicing yoga

Another good way of improving circulation through exercising is practicing low-impact sports, such as yoga. The bending, stretching, and twisting movements, which are part of yoga, help to compress and decompress your veins. This can improve circulation. The workout can be easily adjusted for beginners or advanced sportsmen.      

4. Eating oily fish

It is possible to improve your cardiovascular health and blood circulation through your eating habits. To do so, make sure you consume enough of the omega-3 fatty acids. You can find these micronutrients in oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, sardines or tuna. If you are a vegetarian or vegan kale is a possible substitute for you. But you should know, the green vegetable only contains small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. It is therefore advisable to use supplements to cover the required daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Our GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol can help you find the right dosage and will answer further questions.  

5. Drinking tea

Antioxidants, molecules that help protect our body, can promote the health of our cardiovascular system too. You can find antioxidants in fruits and vegetables or in green and black tea. By regularly drinking green or black tea you may improve your blood circulation. But keep in mind that green and black tea also contain caffeine. 

6. Keeping iron levels balanced

To keep your circulatory system healthy make sure you give your body enough iron. You can do this by eating red meat or spinach and other foods which are rich in iron. Iron is a mineral, which your body needs to produce hemoglobin. This is an important component of red blood cells and responsible for carrying oxygen through your blood. However, iron levels, which are too high, can affect your body negatively.


When to see our GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol

If you notice signs of poor circulation contact our GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol.  The most common symptoms include:

  • Tingling or numbness, especially in your arms or legs
  • pain in your limbs, which is throbbing or stinging
  • Pain or muscle cramps.

But because there are several causes for poor circulation the symptoms can be different and unique. For example, along with typical pain, numbness and tingling, patients suffering from peripheral artery disease may also experience erectile dysfunction. Because poor circulation itself could be a sign for an underlying health problem, make sure you do not ignore it and call our GP for better circulation in Costa del Sol for help.