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Best way to sleep during summer - Fuengirola GP advice for sleeping in summer

Fuengirola GP advice for sleeping in summer

Does the heat from the summer give you a hard time to sleep? Wake up and feel full of energy with our Fuengirola GP advice for sleeping in summer.


Fuengirola GP advice for sleeping in summer

Here are some tips that you can do to keep yourself cool during summer for a great night of sleep.

1. Drink more water

You should try drinking some cold water before going to sleep to keep the body cooled down and hydrated, and replenish water loss because of the sweating.

2. Take a warm shower before bed

Take a warm shower before going to bed if you feel warm. But why not have a cold one instead? Because your body will try to sabotage your efforts by reducing blood flow to your skin. You'll feel heated again in a few minutes when your blood flow restarts. A warm shower will improve blood flow to your skin while also increasing heat loss. Then you may feel clean and cozy as you slip between the sheets. 

3. A damp compress

In order to help your body shed some extra degrees at night you could easily use a moisturised cloth or towel. You can place it on your forehead or just the rest of your body. Just make sure the towel isn't soaked. You wouldn't want your sheets getting wet. Contact us to get more Fuengirola GP advice for sleeping in summer if you think you need extra help.

4. Less light, more darkness

The light bulbs release heat, and since you're trying to get a good night of sleep, it would be a good idea to turn them off. Take advantage of the fact that it gets darker outside later, in the summer, so try to keep on the light as little as possible. Your room will be cooler, and you will also have a better sleep by reducing the light level before sleeping.

5. Use breathable bed linen

Good quality bed sheets don't weigh much and are breathable, so it will not trap the heat of your body. It is more comfortable to have less heat trapped beneath the bed sheets. So keep the sheets made of satin, silk and polyester for nights that are colder. Instead, use cotton, linen or bamboo fibres.

6. Invest in a good bed

A mattress that has good quality could frequently dissipate  the heat of your body more efficiently than other things, meaning that it helps the core reach the perfect temperature for an ideal sleep.

7. Wear loose cotton nightwear

Soft and loose pyjamas made of cotton are able to help you stay cool by dissipating heat. They allow for air movement and breathability while also absorbing sweat.

If this Fuengirola GP advice for sleeping in summer isn’t enough and you are having troubles sleeping during summer, contact our home GP to rule out anything serious.