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Are mosquitoes attracted to you? Try using a different kind of soap — GP in Sotogrande for mosquito bites

GP in Sotogrande for mosquito bites

Scientists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University undertook a study investigating the distinct odour profiles of individuals and various soaps to identify the scents that attract or repel mosquitoes. The findings of their research were recently published in the journal iScience. While no foolproof method exists to avoid mosquito bites, experts suggest that the data offers a strong rationale for considering a change in the type of soap you use. Here we explain a bit more about the findings and when to call our GP in Sotogrande for mosquito bites.

What attracts a mosquito?

Mosquitoes are attracted to individuals based on various factors. These factors include carbon dioxide in our breath, odour cues from our metabolism and skin microbiota, visual cues such as clothing, and more. Clément Vinauger, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech, and his colleagues aimed to explore a factor that could be altered: the fragrance of a person's chosen soap. They hypothesised that adding fragrance, especially plant-based or flower-scented ones, could impact an individual's attractiveness to mosquitoes, considering their attraction to plant-emitted volatiles. The research revealed that scented soaps do have an effect, but the outcomes differ among individuals due to the combination of added fragrance with their unique odour profiles.

What soap should you use to discourage mosquitoes?

When it comes to discouraging mosquitoes, certain chemicals commonly found in soap can play a role in mosquito attraction and repulsion, according to the research. Among them, coconut-scented soaps appear to be particularly repulsive to mosquitoes. However, using a proper mosquito repellent is still the most reliable way to repel these pests. Coconut-derived chemicals in soap can have a repellent effect on blood-feeding insects, making them a potential choice for individuals prone to mosquito bites. Nonetheless, in areas where mosquito-borne diseases are prevalent, the study emphasises the importance of using conventional mosquito repellents, as commercial soap formulations cannot fully replace the effectiveness of an approved repellent. Additionally, making oneself less attractive to mosquitoes can involve wearing light-coloured clothing since mosquitoes are more attracted to dark clothing.


GP in Sotogrande for mosquito bites

Helicopteros Sanitarios' GP in Sotogrande provides comprehensive medical care, including assistance for mosquito bites. Mosquito bites can cause discomfort and, in some cases, lead to complications. The experienced general practitioners at Helicopteros Sanitarios are well-equipped to diagnose and treat mosquito bites, providing relief and preventing potential infections. Whether it's addressing the immediate symptoms or providing guidance on preventive measures, the skilled healthcare professionals ensure personalised and efficient care for individuals seeking assistance with mosquito bites in the Sotogrande area.