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Chronic Illness Support From Our GP Home Doctor Service

GP Home Doctor Service for chronic illness

A chronic illness is an illness that persists or last for an extended time.  Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can be difficult and almost certainly means making some significant changes to your lifestyle. Our GP home doctor service can provide you with all the chronic illness support you need to adjust to your new lifestyle and healthily manage your illness.

Our GP home doctor service can help if:

  • you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with a chronic illness
  • you want to know more about managing a chronic disease
  • you are looking for some strategies for making life easier after your chronic illness diagnosis.

What is a Chronic Illness?

A chronic illness is any medical condition, either physical or psychological,  that lasts a long time. Some chronic diseases can worsen over time, while others fluctuate in their severity over months or years. There are lots of different chronic illnesses, and each one presents different symptoms and has various causes.

Examples of Chronic Illnesses

  • Epilepsy
  • Asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders.

Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with any medical condition can be a shock and forces you to take a look at your life. When the illness you're diagnosed with a severe condition that you're going to have for a long time, it can be even harder to adjust to.

It's likely that following your diagnosis; you'll have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle to manage your symptoms and fit living your life around your condition. Whatever chronic illness you’re suffering from, we offer the chronic illness support you need to make and stick to the lifestyle changes necessary to keep you healthier. These lifestyle changes may include:

  • Cutting down on alcohol, smoking and other drugs.
  • Research foods and diets that will alleviate your symptoms.
  • Learn about exercises that can help.
  • Find a reliable GP home doctor service, like ours, that you feel comfortable with and can trust, who can arrange your specialist appointments and help you keep on top of your symptoms and medications.

Understanding your illness

It’s vital that you learn about your illness so that you better understand how you can manage it. Our GP home doctor service will support you in learning all about your chronic disease and the best way to manage your symptoms. We'll make sure you understand what's happening inside your body to help you feel more in control. This way we allow you to make informed decisions regarding your care and the management of your illness.

If you’ve received a chronic illness diagnosis and are looking for a reliable GP home doctor service to help you manage your condition and live your life to the fullest, get in touch to find out about our membership schemes.