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When to see a GP about a cold - Home GP for common cold in Costa del Sol

GP for common cold in Costa del Sol

Going to the doctor when you have a cold or the flu may not be the best idea, since you can infect other people and even risk their lives. However, in some cases, staying at home, resting, hydrating, and taking over-the-counter medications is not enough and you may have to be checked by a doctor. In this case having a doctor come to your house will be the safest way for you and other people. Here you will learn  when to call our home GP for common cold in Costa del Sol to potentially avoid progression of your illness, as well as serious complications.


When should you see our home GP for common cold in Costa del Sol?


If you have a fever caused by a flu that improves and then suddenly worsens, you should get checked by a doctor. However, this doesn’t apply to kids, who should be seen by a doctor urgently when having high fever. Babies younger than 12 weeks old should be seen if their temperature is higher than normal, no matter how high. 


When you experience a cold is usually not a major ​concern, but there are times when persistent or severe congestion needs to be checked up by a doctor. Even a simple cold that doesn't get better can lead to a secondary infection such as chest cold, sinusitis or pneumonia, and that goes for both adults and children. Get in touch with our home GP for common cold in Costa del Sol in order to prevent complications.


Most of the time coughing isn’t a reason to be worried, but there are times when they are warning signs of something serious. That applies when a cough is persistent, doesn’t let you breath easily, brings up excessive or abnormal mucus or is getting worse. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms, do not hesitate to get in touch with our home GP for common cold in Costa del Sol for a treatment. 


Sore Throat

Although sore throat is common with both colds and flu, it should not be so bad that it interferes with your ability to drink, eat, or sleep and should improve with rest and at home treatment. But if it hurts that badly you should get checked by home GP for common cold in Costa del Sol, especially if it is accompanied by a fever or makes it difficult for you to breath while sleeping.


Headaches that are severe and spread over the forehead and behind the eyes are pretty common with colds and flu. In most cases, they will resolve on their own. But if they persist they should be checked by a doctor, as it could be something serious like a secondary infection known as encephalitis in which the flu virus infiltrates the brain and causes inflammation.