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The Perfect Combination of Exercises for a Longer, Healthier Life — Fast Home Emergency service in Fuengirola

Fast Home Emergency service in Fuengirola

Everyone wants to know the secret to a longer, healthier life. Could a specific exercise routine hold the key? A recent study delves into the optimal combination of exercises to reduce the risk of mortality. By examining the impact of different types of physical activity on various forms of mortality, the study provides valuable insights into crafting an effective exercise routine. Here we talk about this study and about our fast home emergency service in Fuengirola.


A Well-Balanced Workout Plan for Longevity

Researchers have discovered that a well-rounded blend of exercise types is linked to a lower risk of mortality. The study investigated the effects of moderate aerobic physical activity (MPA), vigorous aerobic physical activity (VPA), and muscle-strengthening activity (MSA) on different forms of mortality. The findings highlight the importance of a balanced mix of these exercises to optimize longevity.


The study outlines the ideal exercise combinations to lower the risk of different types of mortality:


  • All-Cause Mortality:


      • Over 0–75 minutes per week of MPA
      • Over 150 minutes of VPA
      • Two or more MSA sessions per week


  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Cancer Mortality:


    • More than 150–225 minutes of MPA
    • More than 0–75 minutes of VPA
    • Two or more MSA sessions per week


These findings align with the 2020 World Health Organization exercise recommendations, which emphasize the importance of a mix of exercises to promote overall health.


Breaking Down the Results

The study reveals that exceeding the recommended levels of MPA can further reduce the risk of mortality. Participants engaging in over 300 minutes of MPA, over 0–75 minutes of VPA, and two or more MSA sessions per week demonstrated significantly lower mortality rates. This highlights the potential benefits of incorporating higher levels of exercise into your routine.


Unpacking Exercise Benefits

The study also uncovers some intriguing paradoxes in the relationship between exercise types and mortality risks:

  • VPA and All-Cause Mortality:
    • Twice the amount of VPA correlated with lower all-cause mortality risk.
  • MPA and Cardiovascular/Cancer Mortality:
    • Doubling the amount of MPA reduced the risk of cardiovascular and cancer mortality.

These results can be attributed to the sustained nature of MPA, which contributes to energy expenditure and weight management, while MSA helps in preserving muscle mass as individuals age.


The Importance of Muscle-Strengthening Activity

Maintaining muscle mass through MSA has far-reaching health benefits, including reducing the risk of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This form of exercise is also crucial for preventing falls that can lead to fractures and loss of mobility in older adults. Remember, in case of a fall, Helicopteros Sanitarios Home GP service is a call away from home. Additionally, MSA might play a role in reducing cancer risk by lowering levels of certain hormones.


Considering the Synergy

Although the study highlights the individual benefits of MPA, VPA, and MSA, it remains uncertain whether these exercise types have a synergistic effect when combined. Further research is needed to determine whether the combined effects of these exercises provide additional health advantages.


Crafting Your Ideal Exercise Routine

The key takeaway from this study is the importance of diversity in your exercise routine. No single type of physical activity stands out as superior in terms of mortality risk reduction. Therefore, it's recommended to engage in a variety of activities, including MPA, VPA, and MSA, according to your capacity and baseline activity levels.


While the study suggests the benefits of a well-rounded exercise routine, experts caution against setting unrealistic expectations. Pushing for higher exercise levels might discourage people from starting or continuing their fitness journey. Instead, experts recommend starting with manageable goals and gradually building up to more intense exercises.


Fast Home Emergency service in Fuengirola

Just as the study emphasizes the importance of a balanced exercise regimen, we strive to enhance the well-being and longevity of our patients. Helicopteros Sanitarios’ emergency service recognizes the significance of a well-rounded approach to healthcare. By providing swift medical assistance at the comfort of your home, we aim to support individuals in their most critical moments. Remember that you can call our fast home emergency service in Fuengirola at +34 952 811 818.