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What Makes Our GP Home Doctor Service the Best in Marbella

Best GP Home Doctor Service in Marbella

We don't like to brag, but we truly do believe that our GP home doctor service in Marbella is the best GP Home Doctor Service in Marbella you can find. And these are just some of the reasons why:


Great Peace of Mind

It's impossible to predict when a medical emergency will occur. But as a member of Helicopteros Sanitarios, you and your family have the peace-of-mind of knowing that our highly qualified medical staff will be at your side as soon as possible. This is because membership with Helicopteros Sanitarios gives you unlimited access to our GP home doctor service.


Fast and High-Quality Service

Our prompt and professional medical attention can often be crucial in preventing a minor condition or injury from developing into something far more serious. That's why our members never hesitate to call on our GP home doctor service whenever they need us. As soon as your symptoms start, if you call us, we'll be there and you can be sure that with our team by your side, you're in the best possible and most trustworthy hands.


Just A Call Away 24 Hours a Day, Every Day

Our team of medical professionals are always just a phone call away. As soon as you call us we'll put our response into action, ready to treat any urgent and potentially life-threatening conditions you may be experiencing.

An Amazing Team of Professionals

Our amazing team aren't just fast, they're also exceptionally skilled and speak excellent English and Spanish. That way, whether your a native of Spain or have moved here from an English speaking language, you'll be able to communicate easily with us. This means you can easily tell us what's wrong and will be able to understand what the team tell you.


State of the Art Equipment

Our GP home service team use the very best equipment available to them and will get to you with a fully kitted ambulance. We want all our patients to receive the very best treatment and care possible. That’s why every single ambulance we use is packed with state of the art equipment for our team to use.


No Waiting and No Worrying Delays

With our GP home doctor service, you can say goodbye to medical centres and waiting rooms with long queues of people that prevent you from seeing a doctor as quickly as you would like. With a Helicopteros Sanitarios membership, you'll be looked after by a team of skilled professional doctors and nurses with the best equipment in your own home as and when you need us. Plus, you'll receive personalised care that's tailored to you and your condition - even if that means us having to come back to see you at a later stage.


If you're condition or injury is serious, we'll transport you safely in one of our state of the art intensive care unit ambulances to the nearest and most appropriate hospital. This way, you can be sure that we'll always do what's right for you to ensure you have the smoothest recovery possible.


Sound good? Well, if you want to find out more about our amazing GP home doctor service, visit our website or give us a call today.