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24 hour home doctor service

Because you never know when you might need medical help, having access to a 24-hour home doctor service is a huge benefit - and it's a benefit we provide to all our members. Our amazing team of doctors and medical professionals are always just a call away and provide top quality medical attention and advice, helping to prevent condition developing into serious illnesses. Here are some of the main benefits of a 24-hour home doctor service:

- Peace of mind

It isn't always possible to predict when a medical emergency may occur and you might not always be prepared for a medical problem. Our members and their families have access to a 24-hour doctor service, providing peace of mind and the knowledge that trained medical professionals can be on hand to attend to you within the comfort of your own home whenever you need us.

- Get seen by a doctor as soon as possible

Our prompt and professional medical services can be sent to you as soon as is humanly possible, and we will always endeavour to get to soon after you contact us. You can call us as soon as you notice any early symptoms, no matter how minor, and we will send a highly trained doctor or nurse out to you to check you over and advise you on your next move. We'll provide you with an ultra-efficient and rapid diagnosis, specific medication as required and the fastest, safest and most appropriate treatment.

- A call away 24 hours a day, every day

Our experienced medical teams are just a phone call away and are always on-hand to respond to any urgent or life-threatening conditions and accidents. We'll also arrange to come out to you even if your concern is only minor. It's just another benefit of having access to a 24-hour home doctor service.

- A bilingual team

One of the benefits of our 24-hour home doctor service is that our clinicians speak both English and Spanish, meaning they can help in a variety of situations and circumstances.

- No waiting, no worrying delays

When you need to see a doctor or are worried about your medical condition there's nothing more frustrating or stressful that a medical centre full of patients or a busy waiting room. With our 24-hour home doctor service, you can wait comfortably in your own home for your appointment, or call us safe in the knowledge that we'll send someone out as soon as possible to deal with any medical emergency. What's more, you'll receive personalised assistance dedicated to treating you and your condition and not just the rushed, generic treatment you'd get from a busy medical centre. We can be there as quickly and as often as you need us to be.

If you would like to know more about our 24-hour home doctor service, get in touch today to talk about becoming a Helicopteros Sanitarios member.