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Dealing with Sudden Illness With Help From Our 24 Hour Doctor in Costa del Sol

24 Hour Doctor in Costa del Sol

Coming to terms with a sudden illness can be very difficult and it can affect you in lots of different ways. Thankfully, our 24-hour doctor in Costa del Sol is on hand to offer you the support you need to manage your sudden illness, whatever time of day it is. 

Here are some top tips from our 24-hour doctor service in Costa del Sol to help you manage and cope with your deal with a sudden illness. 

Understanding Your Condition

Some people find that they want lots of information when faced with a sudden illness, while others feel overwhelmed by the situation and find it hard to take it all in. Understanding your sudden illness can be a huge step in helping you regain control over your life and manage your condition more healthily and productively. 

Recognising the Emotional Impact

Many people find themselves faced with difficult emotions when they or a loved one is suddenly ill. It's normal to feel an initial numbness over what's happened, and it can be challenging to know how to respond. You may also experience a feeling of a loss of control, anger, sadness, fear and guilt. 

It's important to recognise these emotions as a normal part of being diagnosed with a sudden illness. As you work with our 24-hour doctor service in Costa del Sol to manage and understand your condition, these feelings should improve over time. 


The recovery process from a sudden illness can be slow. It takes time to recover from the physical impacts of the condition illness, and you may need to make long-term adaptations to the way you live your life. Sudden illness can also impact your wellbeing as a whole, and you might find it difficult or frustrating that you aren't able to do the things you usually would while you're ill. If this is the case, it might be helpful to plan things you enjoy, such as meeting friends or watching a movie. Being sick can be stressful, so our 24-hour GP advises that you focus on the things you enjoy and find a stress management technique that works for you.  

Setting Goals and Pacing Yourself

Our 24-hour doctor service in Costa del Sol will work with you as you recover from illness to set goals and pacing for your recovery. It can be frustrating when you're limited by your illness, but it's important that you don't let this frustration push you into doing too much before you're ready as this could set you back further. We'll work with you to help you pace yourself as you slowly get back to doing the things you used to. If you find that after trying something, you're struggling or in pain, take note and adjust your pacing next time. 

There may also be instances where you feel like your progress is too slow. Again, you can take note of this and reset realistic goals to help you take things one day at a time. You can do this by breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable chunks and completing them over a longer period of time. 

If you need help managing a sudden illness, get in touch with our 24-hour doctor service in Costa del Sol and we’ll come to help you cope with your symptoms and recovery.