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1. Emergency care and evacuation cover constitutes a contract signed by Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. and the subscriber(s) subject to the general conditions set out hereunder.

2. Subscriber(s): Is the private individual or corporate body signing this membership certificate.

3. Beneficiary/Beneficiaries: Is the policyholder herein, his/her spouse, and unmarried children living with and financially dependent on the policyholder. Where the Beneficiary is a corporate body (company), the beneficiaries hereunder shall be all those private individuals named on the list attached hereto, provided they meet the special requirements stated in the appendix hereto.

4. Membership Certificate: This is numbered document where appears the contract for urgent services and medical transfer which consist of these general clauses, the particular conditions which they contain, amongst other, the personal details and the beneficiaries, and any other agreement that both parties agree to insert in annexed pages; the said document will be signed at the time of payment of the subscription, it being deemed, in the absence of the signature of the subscriber, that payment of the first instalment will constitute knowledge and acceptance of the contents by the subscriber.


A. The purpose of this contract is the urgent, immediate assistance by means of a medical doctor or qualified nurse and the medical transfer by helicopter or, in the event, by means of mobile ICU, advanced care ambulance or ambulance of Initial Patient assessment, of the persons who, being subscribers and/or beneficiaries, require urgent medical treatment in a hospital centres as a consequence of accident, serious illness or exceptional circumstances and thus need immediate evacuation from their home or the accident site to a hospital found within the territorial scope set out in Clause III herein, when Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. is required for that purpose.

B. Transfers will be made within the area established in clause III, from one medical centre to another better equipped or nearest to the partner/beneficiaries home address, provided that such transfer is specified by the physicians treating the patient and Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. is requested to do so. The subscriber authorizes Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. to hold in trust, protect and preserve each and every medical report, clinical history and treatments implemented by Hospitals and Clinics where the patient has been transferred for visits, consultations, treatments or surgical interventions. This information, of a confidential nature, will only be available to the subscriber, the doctors providing treatment and Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. medical team. Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. commits to their patients at Medical Centres or Hospitals who have been transferred by ambulance or are admitted by their own means to receive medical or surgical treatment, will maintain all personal data confidential and anonymity of all the information that is not required for medical treatment, a special mention is made to address, telephone and e-mail. Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. will sign agreements in this regard with Hospitals and Medical Clinics in order that these companies do not make contact with patients for commercial, statistical, quality control reasons, etc. Any contact by Medical Centres to our patients should always be made and therefore is mandatory through Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. who will transfer the information to the patient.

C. Whatever the subscriber and/or beneficiaries residence or wherever they are, while within the area set out in clause III, Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. is committed, in the event that the aeromedical helicopter cannot reach the location established -whether by adverse weather conditions, lack of adequate conditions for landing in view of the pilot's judgement, legal or urban limits, or police regulations for the flight to take place, or in case of Force Majeure (unforeseeable limitations)- will execute the service by ambulance or any other means of transport available to the company from the stated location to an adequate land mark or to an appropriate medical facility. Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. medical staff will decide on a medical centre deemed most appropriate based on criteria of proximity and services to obtain the best patient treatment in each case. Transfers will only be made to those medical centres who have Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. practitioners.

D. Under the terms of this contract Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. shall provide medical attendance/treatment by their own qualified medical practitioners and medical staff at the subscriber’s and/or beneficiary’s home using for that purpose the methods of transport cited above and equipped Medical Car. The service thus provided shall consist solely of medical attendance/treatment of domestic accidents and common illnesses, excluding pharmacology treatment or any type of diagnostic tests effected by a process of analysis or by means of equipment which due to its size or complexity cannot be transported to the patients home.

E. Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. may rescind this contract in the event of repeated misuse of this service, when in the attending doctor’s opinion there is no illness or injury likely to justify a request for emergency assistance and evacuation by helicopter, or that this repeated misuse originates from the result of toxicity, alcoholism or mental disorder. F. The obligations of the beneficiary are: To provided complete and precise information about his medical condition, the reasons why medical treatment is sought and the necessary identification details of the subscriber or beneficiary. To inform of this medical history. To indicate if he has previously taken medication. To report any unexpected change in health. To ask questions if he does not understand what the doctor or nurse is telling him. To follow medical instructions.


A. When the subscriber and/or beneficiary is within the area situated between Sotogrande and Torremolinos, and the following towns: Benahavís, Casares, La Alcaidesa, Guadiaro, Istán, Manilva, Monda, Ojén, San Enrique de Guadiaro, San Martín del Tesorillo and any others to be determined at some future date, they will benefit from the first- aid services of Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. at the actual location of the emergency.

B. The evacuation will be effected between the hospital centres situated within the Andalusian Autonomous Community and Ceuta, whenever such evacuation is ordered by attending doctor in the medical centre in charge of the patient, subscriber and/or beneficiary, in accordance with the circumstances and urgency of the case, or in serious cases, and once the voluntary discharge from the original hospital has been obtained, the subscriber and/or beneficiary may request the evacuation via Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A.

C. The area in which the home doctor service shall be made available shall be established in each particular case, depending on how far the policyholder’s and/or beneficiary’s home is from the Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. medical centre.


The subscriber and/or beneficiary herein shall not be evacuated by helicopter or compensated for damages in any of the following cases:

A. Where the attending medical practitioners forbid evacuation by helicopter because this would be unsuitable or inappropriate from a medical standpoint. In any event subscribers and/or beneficiaries suffering from infectious/contagious diseases, psychiatric disorders and any other patients who, in the medical practitioner’s opinion, might be likely to find the satisfactory improvement of their condition affected by the height or difference in pressure inside the helicopter, shall not be transported therein.

B. When prohibited by the competent authorities in compliance with present legislation in respect of evacuation procedure, as well as access and/or navigational and landing conditions in general, as seen from the captain’s standpoint.

C. Under no circumstances shall optional compensation be made available in lieu of medical services and evacuation should any of the aforesaid contingencies arise.


Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. shall be subrogated to the rights and actions requiring or leading to their intervention, in respect of the total cost of services provided through the Company, where the assistance/care provided under the terms of this contract are covered wholly or partly by the National Health service, or any other institution or organization, or where the need for their services was created by third parties responsible for the event, who may be held liable for reimbursement of any cost thus incurred and/or damages to the subscriber/beneficiary herein. In any event, the latter hereby undertakes to cooperate actively with Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. in providing whatever help and documents may required, so that the aforesaid subrogation may take effect, and this applies on behalf of the subscriber and/or beneficiary, his heirs, parents, guardians, etc.


HELICOPTEROS SANITARIOS S.A. dispondrá de un servicio permanente e ininterrumpido, que atenderá las llamadas de aquellos socios y/o beneficiarios que reclamen sus servicios durante las veinticuatro horas del día todos los días del año.


The present contract and its fees are annual and will take effect as from 00.00hrs the following day of payment of the subscription. The contract will be tacitly renewed annually and consecutive years unless notice is given by one or both parties to the contrary, notice must be given in writing and with at least one month prior to the due date of each annual period, sending the notice by certified mail, fax or e-mail a letter signed by the policy holder or contract holder and attaching a photocopy of identity card / passport. Cancellation of the contract before the due date does not entitle to a partial or total refund. Once the receipt of payment has been issued, without prior notice of cancellation, non-payment of the same shall be considered as an outstanding debt.


Subscriptions rates shall be established in the special conditions herein, and the fee will be set automatically on each annual renovation, applying at least, the varying percentage of the Cost of Living Index (IPC). The payment of the subscription or renewals must be made in the following modes of payment; cash, bank standing order, credit or debit card. If credit or debit card are chosen as mode of payment, Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. will be authorized to charge annual renewals until the present authorization is revoked. The contract shall be paid on signing this contract. The contract shall not take effect until payment is made. If the subscription is not paid before circumstances requiring the services of Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. arise, the latter shall be free of any liability in this respect. If for humanitarian reasons, Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. should provide the service requested, it may likewise institute a claim recovery of the full cost of any such service.


Registering as a subscriber ONLINE will be pending until it is confirmed that the applicant has no outstanding payment with Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. Being the case, subscription will not be effective until the debt has been paid.


Disputes arising under this contract is expressly subject to the courts of Marbella (Málaga), waiving their own jurisdiction if needed.


In compliance with Law 15/1999 of December the 13th, on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that your personal data will be included in Helicopteros Sanitarios S.A. file and which purpose is the management of the health service that we provide.

Should you require clinical analysis; the necessary data of the sample will be sent to an external laboratory. The medical history we request from you is informed to our medical staff and taken into account when you require medical attention.

It is also informed that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to Helicopteros Sanitarios to, or send a fax to +34 952818952.